Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kennedy Tries Sushi!

Kennedy had her first Sushi experience last night! And... she loved it!!
Jordan and his boss had to take an employee that was in from California out to dinner, and he brought back some left over Sushi. Kennedy is a picky eater BUT she will always try things which, as a Mother, I love and am so proud of her for!
She was very excited-especially to use the chop sticks!


Whitney said...

That's awesome that Kennedy is so willing to try anything! I'm really impressed that she liked sushi- I don't!

FYI- Kennedy was one of my favorite names for a girl! :)

In response to your question about Austin's bedding- I picked out all of the fabrics in the nursery and my mom made everything!

Collins Family said...

Way to go girl I love a good yum yum roll!