Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!!!

Ready for Candy!!

These next two were taken of Kennedy leaving for school on Costume Day last Thursday. We made her add the shirt and tights since it was cool Halloween night.

Finally-Halloween!! Kennedy was so excited all day to get dressed in her costume and go trick- or -treating. She kept asking, "Is it time yet?" After dinner we started getting the kids in their costumes. As you can see, we had a Belle, a pumpkin, and a caterpillar. It was too cute to see them all dressed up. Jordan toted Kennedy and Jackson in the wagon and I pushed Chandler Grace in her stroller.
Jackson had his first Halloween last year, but this was his first time to "trick or treat" He didn't really catch on, but he would run up to the door and always drop his pumpkin on the way. The first 2 or 3 houses he actually went past the candy giver and in the house. It was so funny. Of course, Kennedy was a pro! Chandler Grace stayed comfortable in her stroller all bundled up.
Jordan and I took turns taking the kids up to the door-mainly to keep our son out of people's houses. Kennedy and Jackson were so excited going to and leaving each house. They ran the whole night. We got home and did our traditional "dumping of the candy" and Jackson looked amazed and confused at the candy and after we inspected it they sampled the loot. They had a ball. They even shared some with Daddy and Momma. It was a great night.

October 30th (14 Years Ago!)

This was Jordan and my 1st "official date". I asked him to my Halloween KAT social club function which was dinner and a scavenger hunt. We were both in high school at Harding Academy. He was a sophomore and I was a senior. After the scavenger hunt we watched the movie Cadence with some friends. So, 14 years and 3 kids later, I guess it was a success!! Best decision I ever made was to marry Jordan. How many people get to be lucky enough to marry the love of their life and best friend? We love to look back at this picture. He was 16 and I was 17-I love all of the history we share and memories we've made by getting together while we were so young!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Farm Day

Today was Farm Day at Kennedy's school. They were supposed to dress up like a farmer and wear a hat. The families were invited, too, so Jordan met me and the babies there. They had a petting zoo set up and let the kids feed and pet them. It was so neat. Kennedy fed every animal there! It was so funny watching her go from one animal to the next. She had a ball. She seemed so independent-I was surprised and happy that she was happy to see all of us but stayed with her class and was fine when we left. Jackson loved the animals. He would just laugh! Chandler Grace was very content despite the cold weather and looked so cute with her hat! We all enjoyed it.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Our Little Pumpkin Patch!

Oh, how things have changed! This was the time we found out about our precious Chandler Grace last year! I cannot believe it's been a year and now she's here-part of our pumpkin patch this Halloween. The kids make the holidays so much fun and we are enjoying it as much as they are. I look at these pictures and just think how good God has been to me- giving me my babies!

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch Saturday! They had pony rides, too, so Kennedy and Jackson took advantage of that! Kennedy kept begging to ride again and Jackson just laughed (as he does at animals) the whole time!
That evening we carved pumpkins! Jordan is so great at the artistic projects! Kennedy and even Jackson helped gut the pumpkins while Chandler Grace watched from her Bumbo! We took them out and lit the jack-o-lanterns up when it was dark. It is so much fun with Kennedy and Jackson into it so much this year! We've even managed to teach Jackson to say "trick or treat"! Kennedy is very aware but Jackson doesn't even know yet there will be candy! He really is in for a treat. They are so excited to wear their costumes. Chandler Grace has no idea what is going on but she will definitely take part in the costume department! Can't wait for trick-or-treating!

Kennedy had her first "Show and Tell" today! They are talking about spiders this week and Kennedy took the picture she took last year at Halloween of a spider on our fence! It is such a great shot. She was so excited and had a lot of fun showing and telling the kids in her class about it!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Life with Chandler

Here's some pictures of all of us with baby girl!! Kennedy and Jackson are enjoying their baby sister so much. It is so precious for me to watch them with her. She is such a blessing to them and they to her. It's always a blast around the house-never a dull moment! Jordan and I cannot believe how blessed we are to have these 3 miracles in our lives. We are so in love with each of them and cannot imagine life without them. They each bring such a necessary part to our family.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Uncle Kyle comes for a visit!

Kyle came for the big NASCAR race! Jordan had 2 tickets to their company box/suite and they had the best time. He surprised Kennedy by showing up at the door Friday night! Kennedy and Jackson squealed and ran around with excitement! They are so crazy about their Uncle Kyle.
Sunday we all went bowling! Kennedy is the first to tell you that she beat Mama! We had so much fun. Kyle has to leave on Monday but it was so great to have him here.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chandler Grace 4 months

It was a year ago today, October 11, that we found out that we were pregnant again with our littlest princess! Miss Chandler Grace is now 4 months old! She's reaching for things and can grip as well. She can even sit up by herself all hunched over. I contribute this to her bumbo and exersaucer. She can follow us with her eyes around the room and smiles all of the time at her big sister and big brother. She laughs out loud which is so precious. She's drooling all of time and constantly has her fist in her mouth. It's about that time. The dreaded teething phase. She is truly a joy and we enjoy her and the sweet and good baby that she is. She gets her 4 month shots tomorrow so I'm dreading that for her already!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Arkansas Visit

Jordan had a business meeting in Nashville, so we rode with him, dropped him off, and headed on to Searcy!
We got to Papa and Gigi's on Sunday evening and left Wednesday morning. While we were there we also got to see Uncle Kyle, Grandpa and Grandma, and Aunt Belle. We all had a quick but fun visit. Gigi and Uncle Kyle took us to the park on Monday. Daddy was happy to see his crew Wednesday afternoon!