Monday, October 29, 2007

Our Little Pumpkin Patch!

Oh, how things have changed! This was the time we found out about our precious Chandler Grace last year! I cannot believe it's been a year and now she's here-part of our pumpkin patch this Halloween. The kids make the holidays so much fun and we are enjoying it as much as they are. I look at these pictures and just think how good God has been to me- giving me my babies!

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch Saturday! They had pony rides, too, so Kennedy and Jackson took advantage of that! Kennedy kept begging to ride again and Jackson just laughed (as he does at animals) the whole time!
That evening we carved pumpkins! Jordan is so great at the artistic projects! Kennedy and even Jackson helped gut the pumpkins while Chandler Grace watched from her Bumbo! We took them out and lit the jack-o-lanterns up when it was dark. It is so much fun with Kennedy and Jackson into it so much this year! We've even managed to teach Jackson to say "trick or treat"! Kennedy is very aware but Jackson doesn't even know yet there will be candy! He really is in for a treat. They are so excited to wear their costumes. Chandler Grace has no idea what is going on but she will definitely take part in the costume department! Can't wait for trick-or-treating!

Kennedy had her first "Show and Tell" today! They are talking about spiders this week and Kennedy took the picture she took last year at Halloween of a spider on our fence! It is such a great shot. She was so excited and had a lot of fun showing and telling the kids in her class about it!

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