Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chandler Grace 4 months

It was a year ago today, October 11, that we found out that we were pregnant again with our littlest princess! Miss Chandler Grace is now 4 months old! She's reaching for things and can grip as well. She can even sit up by herself all hunched over. I contribute this to her bumbo and exersaucer. She can follow us with her eyes around the room and smiles all of the time at her big sister and big brother. She laughs out loud which is so precious. She's drooling all of time and constantly has her fist in her mouth. It's about that time. The dreaded teething phase. She is truly a joy and we enjoy her and the sweet and good baby that she is. She gets her 4 month shots tomorrow so I'm dreading that for her already!


Collins Family said...

Such a big girl! WOW 4 months already does not seem possible huh!

Collins Family said...

We got a Bumbo seat today maybe Izzie can learn to sit up early like her cousin!!!!! Chandler Grace sure is cute and so are Kennedy & Jackson (I did not want to leave them out) Hope the shots were ok, from my first experience at 2 months I am dreading the 4 month set of shots!