Friday, August 29, 2008

Kennedy's Kindergarten Update

Well, life with Kennedy is always an adventure. Here is just one example:
When I picked Kennedy up from school today, we were talking about her day and the subject of her lunch came up.
Me: Kennedy, what did you think of your lunch? Did you like your surprise?
Kennedy: Uh, sorry Mom, I saved my lunch. (Now, I need to say that this comes on the heels of her saving some of her lunch yesterday which was strawberry applesauce-that I got the pleasure of cleaning out of her lunch bag and back pack.) I just really wanted to eat in the cafeteria.
Me: Well, you can eat in the cafeteria.
Kennedy: I did.
Me: What??!! Kennedy, I sent you a lunch. I didn't send you any lunch money.
Kennedy: Oh, Mom, it's okay! You don't have to have any money-you just take a tray.
Me: NO! Kennedy, you DO have to pay for that. Daddy and Mommy have to send money for lunches in the cafeteria.
Kennedy: Oh. (Starts crying)
Me: Oh, it's okay Kennedy. Well, what did you have to eat?
Kennedy: Jello and french fries.
Me: Wait a minute-why would they give you a tray if you had your luch bag?
Kennedy: I told Mrs. Settlemyre you forgot to send my lunch.
Me: WHAT!!
Kennedy: Mom, I'm sorry. I just really wanted to eat in the cafeteria.
Me: (Sigh.)
So, I explained she would apologize to her teacher and pay for her lunch. Thankfully later she told me that when her teacher opened her backpack and saw her lunch bag, she laughed and hugged Kennedy. At least she doesn't think I'm a dead-beat mom.
I told her we'd check the menu for next week and if she liked what they were having, she could order a lunch. She said, "Oh it's okay, Mom. I can always get jello and french fries." Uh, no you can't.

Here is something adorable that Kennedy told me hours after coming home-
Kennedy: Mom, you have to sit in a chair, I have something important to tell you.
Me: Okay, what?
Kennedy: Today, a boy at my school said something yucky.
Me: (Nervously reply) What did he say?
Kennedy: I love you. Ewwwww!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

We Made It!

Picking up Kennedy from her 1st day of school

Kennedy and Mama made it through the first day of Kindergarten! It was so funny that because she was so cool and calm, I was, too. She was okay, so I was okay. Her being so excited let me relax and be excited, too! We are so pleased with her teacher and that she has friends in her class -it is an answered prayer!It was a great first day! And I know it's going to be a great year.
Now she wants to ride the bus. KENNEDY? ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL YOUR POOR MOTHER?? Well, perhaps after seeing a driving record, maybe I'll allow her to ride the bus, too. No, seriously, I am getting the information for her to be a bus rider. Why is it they beg to ride the bus and then later beg not to have to ride the bus? (I did the very same thing.)
When we got home we hugged like we haven't seen each other in days!
Kennedy's favorite part of school? Getting to eat her lunch in the cafeteria with all of the kids. She even got to sit by Garrett. The worse part? Having rest time which consists of laying on a towel and listening to classical music. Her words-"It was really long and boring, boring, BOR-ING!" My favorite part? She told me she missed my face.
Well, the last weekend before Kennedy started school, we celebrated on Sunday evening by going to DQ and then heading to the park. Then on Monday night, the night before school started, we had an ice cream party in Kennedy's honor.
To celebrate her first day we made an invitation for Kennedy to stay up late (since they weren't having school on Wednesday) with Daddy and Mama and watch The Sound of Music (one of my all-time favorites) for the very first time! Big hit-she loved it and didn't miss a moment. Very impressive after being up since 6:45AM and considering it went off at 12:20AM!
We love all of these exciting firsts with Kennedy and are blessed that we are the ones that get to share them with her.
Here's a slide show of pictures from the park and parties!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The First Day of School

Our big girl on her big day!
Kennedy and Daddy

My kindergartener

Best Buds!

Garrett and Kennedy

Bye, Mama

It's official-Kennedy started kindergarten today!
We had to be up early to get ready and have her to school before 7:35. It was exciting making her lunch and snack. I even put a note in each for her. For breakfast, she had Life cinnamon-her favorite cereal- in a special glass. She seemed real impressed-fancy gets a lot of points with Kennedy!
She picked out a dress to wear for her first day of kindergarten. She looked so big and definitely looked the part when she put on her backpack and held her lunch bag.
We all took Kennedy to school this morning. Jordan kept the babies in the car while I carried her box of supplies and walked her to her room. I even got a few pictures. The best surprise was when Garrett walked into the room. Garrett was Kennedy's best buddy from preschool! They ran up and hugged each other. It helped me feel a little more settled.
I didn't even cry. I guess I got it all out last night before finally going to bed and then again before finally falling asleep. I pass her baby pictures on the wall and just can't figure out how these past five years have gone so quickly. My baby. My Kennedy.
I am so thankful to have had the blessing of spending every day with her up to this point.
I know she will do great. I just miss her. So does Jack. I'm so thankful he has Chandler Grace to play with.
I find myself already checking the clock to go get her at 2:10. So, all things considered, I guess I'm actually okay. Just checking the clock and praying for Kennedy to have a great first day of school!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kennedy's Kindergarten Open House

Trying out the water fountain!

It's about that time. Kindergarten will begin on August 26th, and my baby girl will be there. I guess this is really happening.
Today was Open House at her school and we got to see her classroom and meet her teacher, Mrs. Settlemyre. She oohed and ahhed over Kennedy which makes her mother feel better! You always want their teacher to like them-especially if they can be a hand full sometimes!!
Kennedy recognized her name and found her cubby and desk! Sydney, our neighbor and preschool class mate of Kennedy's, is also in her class. So, it will be nice for Kennedy to see a familiar face. We also saw Carley there, another preschool classmate who she will be able to see at recess.
Kennedy is so excited and we are excited for her. We hope this will be a successful transition-for everyone!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kennedy's 1st Soccer Game

Sister SupportOpening Ceremonies

Look at my baby go!
Kennedy competing in the games at Opening Ceremonies
GO Kennedy GO!

Our champ!
Kennedy with Uncle Kyle and Katy

Kennedy's biggest fans!
Well, we are still smiling from Kennedy's first soccer game on Saturday!
They had opening ceremonies before the games began. First they played music while each team was announced and the players ran through an archway of black and white balloons and down the middle of 2 lines full of parents cheering! It was so neat. I teared up and was so proud-how do these parents at the Olympics stand it??!!
Next was a contest between the different age groups and only 4 of the many teams represented each age group. They chose 1 person from each of the 4 teams and KENNEDY WAS PICKED!!
We were all so excited!
She had to push a giant soccer ball down around a cone and back-she did great.
Then our baby had her very first soccer game.
Uncle Kyle and Katy were also there to cheer her on which made it extra special.
She did an awesome job-she even blocked a goal!! We didn't even know she knew to do that. She also had many good runs with the ball and came close to scoring! She had a big smile on her face the entire game-which was best of all.
She only sat out once for a short period of time and while waiting to go back in she helped herself to Uncle Kyle and Katy's munchkins! That's my girl-cramming in doughnut holes during the middle of a game!
The funniest part was when Kennedy had the ball once and 2 boys were charging her from the other team she would turn circles around the ball to keep them from getting it-so funny.
After her game we all went to Five Guys for lunch before saying goodbye to Kyle and Katy.
It was one of those perfect days. As my frined April pointed out, I guess this makes me a soccer mom. A dream come true. What can I say? It's great to be Kennedy's mom.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Uniform

Jordan took Kennedy to practice tonight. They handed out the new uniforms and she came home wearing hers! I opened the door and saw her-I squealed and she squealed as she jumped on me. We were so excited. So, she was more than happy to pose for her old mom. They don't choose the numbers, but she got #11 which was Jordan's high school basketball number-they got a kick out of that. Her daddy was beaming following her in the door-he says she is a natural and did awesome at practice tonight. Have you ever seen a cuter soccer player?!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kennedy's First Soccer Practice

Our soccer star
Our baby girl had her first soccer practice last night. The 4 of us were there to cheer her on-well, Jordan and I juggled the babies while trying to watch Kennedy do her drills. We found out that Kennedy is on the Silver team. She is so excited to play, and is kind of a natural. Just seeing her out there-I might have been the proudest mom there!
Believe it or not, I actually forgot my camera, so Kennedy indulged her Mama for a picture when we got home. Her first game is Saturday morning, and we will be there-this time with camera and video camera in hand.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sisters, Shots & Popsicles

Kennedy and Chandler Grace had to get shots yesterday. They each needed 4!
I was worried about Kennedy, my little drama queen, who has dreaded this for the past 3 months.
She went first and was SO brave! I was so proud of her. She didn't even cry.

Chandler Grace on the other hand...

I thought it was so sweet that the entire doctor visit Kennedy kept asking when Chandler Grace was getting her shot-she seemed more worried about her than herself. When it was time for Chandler Grace's shots, Kennedy covered her ears and stood in the corner so she wouldn't have to see it.

We learned that Kennedy may need glasses in the near future and that Chandler Grace is tall for her age! The best part about the doctor visit? Both of the girls got pink popsickles afterwards! When we got home, I snapped a picture of the two of them on their special day. Kennedy thought it was neat that just the girls got shots and popsicles.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Funny Girl

Here is just an example of the funny things that Miss Kennedy comes up with on a daily basis.
This morning at breakfast I reminded Kennedy to check on and feed Daisy, her Webkinz. I also reminded her that Daisy could die if she doesn't get fed enough. She knows it's been awhile, so she gasps and shaking her head nervously says, "She's gonna be dead. Dead meat. (cuts her eyes at me and very seriously says)That's an expression for dead."
Thankfully, when we checked and she wasn't dead meat.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Just A Year Ago?

August 2007
August 2008
It's officially August. I came across this photo a few days ago that I took of you 3 monkeys last August. I cannot believe how different all 3 of you look this August. I know it's been a year-I mean, in one way, I feel like I've blinked and it's already been a year since Chandler Grace joined our crew, and in another way, it seems like forever ago that you all looked that small. It's bittersweet as you get older. So sad to see the stages that are over, but so great to anticipate and experience the stages that are ahead.
Maryann blogged about some of the precious things her 2 girls say at this stage, (thanks for the reminder to get this down!) and I thought I better take some time, also to get down some of the things you are saying that I don't want to forget.
I'll start by saying that I couldn't possibly jot down EVERYTHING you say that is worth remembering. But, my best efforts recall:
*You still call the door bell the "ding bell"
*You still call a piggy bank the "penny bank"
*You think Alice in Wonderland is "Allison Wonderland"
(Like I said, these are just a few-you say something that cracks me up everyday-seriously.)
*When I say "You hear me?" You reply in a sad voice, "Hear me" instead of hear you
*You say "Watch anyone" or "Anyone, watch" instead of everyone
*You ask daily, "We go the store?"
*When we say "You're a boy", you say (in a very frustrated tone) "No I dinit, I Jack Jack"(saying didn't instead of not)
*When we say, "Jackson, don't do ____, you say pitifully, "I sorry, I really sorry."
*Constantly saying (with folded hands) "Dear God" (usually nothing follows)
Chandler Grace-
I'm going with cute things you are doing since you hardly say anything!
*Gives kisses and says "eee ooo" for love you
*Frown when you're upset or for no reason at all
*When told "No" you walk off quickly with wide eyes making an "ooh" sound! (Like you're in for it)
*Climbing and standing on and walking off of ANYTHING (quite the daredevil)
*Constantly pulling pans from the drawer under the oven
*Dances, claps, and pats legs a lot while watching songs on Blue's Clues, Yo Gabba Gabba & The Wiggles
*You "Happy Feet" (Okay, so this is what we called it when Jackson did it because it was the time that Happy Feet came out)-but, you sort of tap real fast and look like a penguin when you get excited!
*Loves to eat dirt outside
*Loves to turn the TV on and off (repeatedly and much to the dismay of your sister and brother)in the Toy Room
*Say "ducka ducka" (sort of clicking your tongue) constantly and you're not saying it for a duck. It's anyone's guess, really. But we all say it back to you!
Anyway, there's a few things that are down that you say/do right now. I know there is more, but your poor mother's memory-let's just say I'm just happy that I remember these!