Friday, August 29, 2008

Kennedy's Kindergarten Update

Well, life with Kennedy is always an adventure. Here is just one example:
When I picked Kennedy up from school today, we were talking about her day and the subject of her lunch came up.
Me: Kennedy, what did you think of your lunch? Did you like your surprise?
Kennedy: Uh, sorry Mom, I saved my lunch. (Now, I need to say that this comes on the heels of her saving some of her lunch yesterday which was strawberry applesauce-that I got the pleasure of cleaning out of her lunch bag and back pack.) I just really wanted to eat in the cafeteria.
Me: Well, you can eat in the cafeteria.
Kennedy: I did.
Me: What??!! Kennedy, I sent you a lunch. I didn't send you any lunch money.
Kennedy: Oh, Mom, it's okay! You don't have to have any money-you just take a tray.
Me: NO! Kennedy, you DO have to pay for that. Daddy and Mommy have to send money for lunches in the cafeteria.
Kennedy: Oh. (Starts crying)
Me: Oh, it's okay Kennedy. Well, what did you have to eat?
Kennedy: Jello and french fries.
Me: Wait a minute-why would they give you a tray if you had your luch bag?
Kennedy: I told Mrs. Settlemyre you forgot to send my lunch.
Me: WHAT!!
Kennedy: Mom, I'm sorry. I just really wanted to eat in the cafeteria.
Me: (Sigh.)
So, I explained she would apologize to her teacher and pay for her lunch. Thankfully later she told me that when her teacher opened her backpack and saw her lunch bag, she laughed and hugged Kennedy. At least she doesn't think I'm a dead-beat mom.
I told her we'd check the menu for next week and if she liked what they were having, she could order a lunch. She said, "Oh it's okay, Mom. I can always get jello and french fries." Uh, no you can't.

Here is something adorable that Kennedy told me hours after coming home-
Kennedy: Mom, you have to sit in a chair, I have something important to tell you.
Me: Okay, what?
Kennedy: Today, a boy at my school said something yucky.
Me: (Nervously reply) What did he say?
Kennedy: I love you. Ewwwww!


April said...

The lunch story and the boy story are both too cute! I can just imagine how excited Kennedy must have been about eating the school lunch in order to have told her teacher that you didn't pack a lunch for her. And what a smart and resourceful girl to figure out how to make her "dream" happen! So, it did not come about in the most ideal way...but pretty cute, anyways! ;) BTW, I like the way you handled it, having her apologize to her teacher!

maryann said...

You ARE NOT ALONE. One of my best friends children did the exact same thing. They had to talk about lying and the hurt it can cause.
Caitlyn has begged to eat in the cafeteria.......we look at the menu and let her pick one day a week to do so.
I, too, loved the way you handled it. Kennedy sounds like she has a very sensitive heart!!!

April Kay said...

LOVE this story!! And I see you have another friend named April. :) I didn't remember leaving a comment earlier, and then looked at the picture and said, "Wait... that's not me!" :)