Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chandler Plays at the Park!

We've had MANY trips to the park, but this one was different. It was very special because this was the first time Chandler played at the park! She played on the swing and the slide!! She really enjoyed the swing!
Jordan took the day off to have our taxes done, so that afternoon we took advantage of another beautiful day and having Jordan with us and headed to the park!
Life with these 3? There's nothin' like it!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Chandler is clapping!

Sunday night, Jordan was sitting in his chair recuperating from a SORE body, lip, and especially head, I had just sat down on the sofa after putting on ANOTHER load of "sick" laundry, Kennedy was busy playing "artist" and drawing countless pictures for Mama and Daddy, Jackson was watching The Wiggles, and Chandler Grace was playing in the floor with her back to my feet. Jackson jumped up to dance to one of The Wiggles songs, so I began to clap with the rhythm of the song for him as he danced around. I just happened to look down to see Chandler's hands coming together. I blurted out "Jordan-is she clapping?!" He looked at her and sure enough, she was-and happy as she could be about it!! She had a great big smile-which only got bigger as we cheered "Yeah, Chandler!!" and kept repeating "Clap-can you clap?" And she would! We all got so excited and was so neat for all of us to be there togther to witness that first!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tuff Man

My Tuff Man!
Team Harr

The Armory
It has been Jordan's dream for the past 5 years to box in a Tuff Man competition. Well, Friday night, January 25th, he made that dream come true! I've always fought him on it in the past worrying for his safety/health. This time last year, he wanted to do it, but asked if he got in shape and trained would I be on board for this year's Tuff Man. I said yes. And he did. And I gotta admit, I've actually been excited about it! He is in the best shape he has ever been in, so if he was gonna do this, now was the time. I also have to say-I am so proud of him for working hard and going after his dream. What an example for our kids!

On Friday I made all of us "Team Harr" shirts to show our support since we wouldn't be at the fight. I couldn't watch my Jordan get hit and I knew that it was totally inappropriate for the kids to see. Fortunately, a lot of people from Jordan's office showed up for the fight. And......HE WON!! His first boxing match was won in 2 rounds-the guy actually gave up and wouldn't go back out for the third round! Since he won his match on Friday, he fights again Saturday. Once you lose-you're out. There will be a total of 3 more fights. Two fights and then the championship fight.

Saturday night HE WON his second match!! And guess what? Once again his opponent wouldn't continue-this time after 1 1/2 rounds!! Way to go, Jordan!!

Jordan fought his 3rd match, but lost in the 2nd round.
What an accomplishment! Not only did he go for his dream, he did a really great job! We are all so proud of you and your achievement! Congratulations, Jordan!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Jackson - 20 Months

Our sweet boy is now 20 months old. He says things all of time that we didn't even realize he knew! It's so neat. He just seems so big. He's such a neat mix between tough and sweet. I mean, he's all boy, but then he'll turn right around and do and say the sweetest things. Right now, he always asks to wear his "Back Back" shirt (Razorback), loves to watch The Wiggles, Diego, The Wonder Pets, and Blue's Clues! He has just started singing some of these theme songs which is adorable and then he gets shy when he sees we're watching him! He asks for "P-uh" (pizza) to eat and he loves to say "No!" to EVERYTHING!! Sometimes it's funny, sometimes, it gets him in trouble. He loves to shut doors. He still tries and does make us laugh-usually by rolling or closing his eyes tightly. He likes to color and play with his toys. He is infatuated with motorcycles (OH NO) and says "mo cycle". He loves animals. He is learning his colors. One of his favorite things is for Jordan to come home from work-without fail he runs around screaming "Daddy home" and lifts his little arms for Jordan to hold him. He doesn't get far from his Daddy after that. During the day, one of the familiar things I hear is Jackson saying "Hold me Mom!" He is a Daddy's boy and a Mama's boy. He is still infatuated with Chandler and cannot keep from hugging or kissing her constantly. He tries to say "Chandler" but it isn't clear-he just calls her "Baby".
He can say Kennedy and does so often. We always here him calling out "Kee Dee!" He loves to play with her and they are always up to something. I asked Kennedy what her favorite thing was about Jackson right now and she said that "he's says whatever I tell him to"!
Happy 20 months, Jackson!

All Better!

*11:30 1/26 added
Okay- I really think we're rid of this bug. I was sick all night, but feeling better today. Kids seem fine. Again, so far, so good. I hope that's the end!

*7:30 1/25 added
I spoke too soon-wishful thinking, I guess. Jackson vomited once this afternoon around 4 and Chandler Grace vomited at noon and twice tonight. And my stomach is upset! OH NO!

It's been a crazy 3 days, but we are all better! Jackson and Kennedy have been "in the clear" for 24 hours-Chandler hasn't been sick since 8 o'clock last night. So, it is nice that they are keeping things down and feeling 100% better!
This house may actually be a "germ free" zone-I have cleaned, sanitized, disinfected every inch of this house! Even the blankets and quilts had to be cleaned. I was worried at one point if someone else got sick in bed again, someone would be without cover!
Anyway, everyone got a good night's sleep last night, so we are all thankful for that!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chaos in the Harr house

Well, we hoped it wouldn't happen, but all 3 kids are sick.

With Jackson still sick, Chandler Grace got sick Wednesday afternoon during her nap. Talk about pitiful-I have never seen a baby this small vomit and worse dry heave. It broke my heart. She never cried afterwards, but looked very confused. She just laid around on me or in her swing all day. Jordan brought Pedialyte home and she hated that! But, we had to keep her hydrated so we gave it to her with a dropper after she refused the bottle. She vomited/dry heaved all day until 8 pm-thankfully, she slept until 5:45. Jordan gave her a bottle and she kept it down until 8-and then-well, what can I say she got me good! And the couch, 2 blankets, the floor and herself. Our washer and dryer hasn't rested since Tuesday! After not vomiting for an hour, she had another bottle at 9. She kept that down and had her next bottle around 11:30. Well, she vomited again around noon. After her nap we'll start over with the Pedialyte.

Kennedy got sick right at bedtime last night. She started vomiting around 8pm and did so every 10-20 mintures until this morning. She has been the only one to also have diarrhea. Thankfully, she hasn't had another vomiting episode since this morning. She doesn't nap anymore, but today I told her to take a nap and she didn't fight it-not only that, she was asleep in only a few minutes after laying down!

Jackson is better, but the past 2 nights has woken up vomiting at midnight. During the day he just sits very still and is on my heels whenever I get up to do anything. So far, he hasn't vomited today. He is napping also-all 3 went down for a nap around 1 and slept until 3-that should help!

As I've mentioned Jordan is the only Analyst in the office this week, so he isn't able to be home to help. So, today should be very interesting! They all just want to be held. It breaks my heart that I can't just hold each one. They are having to take turns letting Mommy hold them, which is not going over well. I think we are on the downhill slide of this bug-hopefully. Jordan and I are hoping we can stay well to take care of them-at least until they are better.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We have a crawler!

Miss Chandler Grace, at 7 months, crawled for the first time last night, January 22, around 7PM!! Still thrilling the third time around! Now all kids are mobile!!! Jordan and I will definitely have to be on top of our game. We cannot believe our baby is already at this stage. It just goes too fast! Yeah, Chandler!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jackson's sick

Our precious Jack Jack has the dreaded vomiting/fever. It began last night waking him up at 9:30-Jordan heard him, too, and came in to check on him. During the commotion, Chandler woke up, so I ran to check her, but she went right back to sleep. I changed the sheets and cleaned up the floor while Jordan took him downstairs, changed him and put on The Wiggles! The vomiting continued every 15 minutes until 11:15. I went to bed and Jordan kept him downstairs and they slept on the couch. This morning Jordan said the vomiting or dry heaving continued every 30 minutes until 5AM. He made it from 5 until 8:30. But thankfully since that this mornings episode, there hasn't been another. However, this afternoon he woke up from his nap with bright red cheeks from fever.
The most pitiful thing is seeing babies sick-especially vomiting-especially while you're holding them! He just
looks so very pitiful with his big brown eyes! He has not left my side all day, which has been both precious and difficult juggling that with the demands of baby Chandler-magnified by her teething-not to mention everything else.
Jordan is the only Analyst in the office this week, so I'm on my own with this chaos. He did manage to get away to bring crackers, Gator-aid and Sprite this morning and then again this afternoon to get Kennedy to her dermatologist appointment-ahh, my hero!
We hope this is a bug and he'll be rid of it soon. Meanwhile we are trying to keep it from his sisters-not an easy task. I fear this especially for Chandler since she is so little! Right now, we just want our little boy to feel better!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Martin Luther King Jr Day

We have taught Kennedy about Martin Luther King Jr and this man's wonderful contributions for equality and his role in ending segregation. I was telling Kennedy his story and it's importance this morning on the way to school. When I finished, she said, "Wow! When I grow up, I'm gonna be a super hero just like him"! I said, "You know, he kind of was!"
Of course, driving up to school and not seeing a car in sight, I realized it was closed for Marin Luther King Jr Day!!

We are thankful our baby girl only knows of inequality due to race from the stories that are in the past. She has been taught that a person's worth doesn't come from the color of their skin or anything else. A person has worth because God made them. We are teaching and will teach our children to always have a voice for what is right. We think that this man is an outstanding example-after all, his voice changed a nation.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Day

Well, my baby girl finally had her prayers answered for snow! Jordan and I were delighted early this morning to see that it covered the ground. He took her to the window when she woke up and she was beside herself with excitement! Even Jackson got excited when he saw it, and I'm pretty sure he had no idea what it was. I bundled them up and let them go out in the back yard. They had a ball. But, when Jackson was done, he was done!! Kennedy stayed out about 15 minutes longer than he did. They both enjoyed it while it lasted. I am so thankful they got to experience snow this year. Poor Chandler will have to wait until next year!

Rolls, rolls, rolls!

Here are some baby pictures of Miss Chandler Grace with lots of rolls that we adore-so funny! Chandler, when you see this someday when you're older, you'll have to forgive Mama-I couldn't resist!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fun at the park

We had our first trip to the park this year last Saturday. The reason for this trip was to reward Kennedy for getting 3 stars. We started the sticker chart as an incentive for Kennedy's good behavior at preschool. Kennedy chose 3 different colors of cardstock and I drew (or tried) large stars and Kennedy cut them out herself. Since Kennedy goes to preschool 3 days a week, she gets to put a star up if she gets a good report from the teacher when I pick her up. But, if she has been in time out or has had a card pulled that day, she either has to take a star that's already there away or if there is not one, she doesn't get to put one up. After she gets 3, she gets to pick from a few choices we have given her as a reward. The park is one of them and seems to be a favorite! This has really been effective for Kennedy and her behavior at school. We had a rocky start, but she has been doing great ever since we implemented the sticker chart around Thanksgiving. We are so proud of her and all of us get to enjoy the reward!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Daddy's Home!

Jordan "Gets A Tie"
The highlight of Jordan's National Sales Meeting was getting a tie. Ties are given out at the annual National Sales Meeting for great achievement. This was the first time Jordan received one. It is such an honor for him and as his wife, I am so proud of Jordan's work ethic and know that he deserved this recognition for all of his hard work with this UST. Congratulations, Jordan!!

Jordan left Sunday morning, January 6th for his company's annual National Sales Meeting in Orlando, Florida, and got home Thursday night January 10th. So, it was just the 4 of us. What can I say it it was a long 5 days! We managed, but everything was just better when he got home! We all missed him terribly. The kids were pitiful waiting on him to drive up Thursday night-Kennedy sitting looking out the window on the left of our front door, Jackson on the right! Jordan saw their faces when he drove up-it melted him! As always, Daddy brought presents!! He brought Kennedy a set of Disney Princess cups, Jackson a Disney characters tee shirt, and Chandler got a stuffed Minnie Mouse! They were very excited for their presents, but mostly just glad Daddy was home!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chandler Grace 7 Months

7 months months already?? Wow, how time flies with 3 little ones! Chandler is on the verge of crawling. She can sit up and play independently. She can sit up from laying on her back or stomach. Hooray! She is definitely teething and we check each day for a tooth! Her favorite thing is to be in the floor. She loves rolling to get her toys! Playing with her big sister and big brother tops her list of fun! She has had green beans, peas, carrots, oatmeal, and tonight will have sweet potatoes! She is such a joy and we are enjoying and treasuring each new milestone with our baby girl.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The 3 Muskateers

Kennedy, Jackson and Chandler have such a special bond and simply adore each other. They really are best buddies. It is such a blessing for Jordan and I to watch them together. We are so thankful it was God's plan to bring these 3 precious children together.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

We spent our morning at the library with the kids. That afternoon and evening we celebrated New Year's Eve at Chuck E. Cheese! The kids crashed on the way there but were more than happy to wake up! We had pizza, watched the shows, and then hit the games! Kennedy and Jackson danced against the blue screen and then I had Chandler strapped on to me while I stayed with Jackson in the kiddie section. Jordan kept up with Kennedy. After a while we'd switch. We had our family picture taken in the photo booth, but there were too many of us-most importantly, it got the kids! Kennedy won over 50 tickets and got a tootsie roll, a toy for Jackson and 2 hair barretts. We all had a ball. Who'd have thought New Year's Eve with kids at Chuck E. Cheese would be hard to top! There was nowhere else we would've wanted to be!
Then for New Year's Day we had chocolate cake and watched the Razorbacks. We have enjoyed having Jordan home the past 11 days! He goes back to work tomorrow and Kennedy goes back to school on Thursday. What a great year 2007 was and what a great start to 2008 we've had!