Friday, January 25, 2008

Jackson - 20 Months

Our sweet boy is now 20 months old. He says things all of time that we didn't even realize he knew! It's so neat. He just seems so big. He's such a neat mix between tough and sweet. I mean, he's all boy, but then he'll turn right around and do and say the sweetest things. Right now, he always asks to wear his "Back Back" shirt (Razorback), loves to watch The Wiggles, Diego, The Wonder Pets, and Blue's Clues! He has just started singing some of these theme songs which is adorable and then he gets shy when he sees we're watching him! He asks for "P-uh" (pizza) to eat and he loves to say "No!" to EVERYTHING!! Sometimes it's funny, sometimes, it gets him in trouble. He loves to shut doors. He still tries and does make us laugh-usually by rolling or closing his eyes tightly. He likes to color and play with his toys. He is infatuated with motorcycles (OH NO) and says "mo cycle". He loves animals. He is learning his colors. One of his favorite things is for Jordan to come home from work-without fail he runs around screaming "Daddy home" and lifts his little arms for Jordan to hold him. He doesn't get far from his Daddy after that. During the day, one of the familiar things I hear is Jackson saying "Hold me Mom!" He is a Daddy's boy and a Mama's boy. He is still infatuated with Chandler and cannot keep from hugging or kissing her constantly. He tries to say "Chandler" but it isn't clear-he just calls her "Baby".
He can say Kennedy and does so often. We always here him calling out "Kee Dee!" He loves to play with her and they are always up to something. I asked Kennedy what her favorite thing was about Jackson right now and she said that "he's says whatever I tell him to"!
Happy 20 months, Jackson!

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Collins Family said...

Happy 20 Months Jackson- Hard to believe in 4 short months you will be 2 years old...WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!?!?!