Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jackson's sick

Our precious Jack Jack has the dreaded vomiting/fever. It began last night waking him up at 9:30-Jordan heard him, too, and came in to check on him. During the commotion, Chandler woke up, so I ran to check her, but she went right back to sleep. I changed the sheets and cleaned up the floor while Jordan took him downstairs, changed him and put on The Wiggles! The vomiting continued every 15 minutes until 11:15. I went to bed and Jordan kept him downstairs and they slept on the couch. This morning Jordan said the vomiting or dry heaving continued every 30 minutes until 5AM. He made it from 5 until 8:30. But thankfully since that this mornings episode, there hasn't been another. However, this afternoon he woke up from his nap with bright red cheeks from fever.
The most pitiful thing is seeing babies sick-especially vomiting-especially while you're holding them! He just
looks so very pitiful with his big brown eyes! He has not left my side all day, which has been both precious and difficult juggling that with the demands of baby Chandler-magnified by her teething-not to mention everything else.
Jordan is the only Analyst in the office this week, so I'm on my own with this chaos. He did manage to get away to bring crackers, Gator-aid and Sprite this morning and then again this afternoon to get Kennedy to her dermatologist appointment-ahh, my hero!
We hope this is a bug and he'll be rid of it soon. Meanwhile we are trying to keep it from his sisters-not an easy task. I fear this especially for Chandler since she is so little! Right now, we just want our little boy to feel better!

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Collins Family said...

Hope you feel better soon Jackson