Saturday, February 28, 2009

Patti's News

My blog friend, Patti, (who I met through the "Pay It Forward" in October-thanks, Dallas:) has been waiting, and waiting, and waiting to be a mommy.  

She and her husband got "The Call" that a baby boy was born and that the birth mother wanted this baby to go to a couple who has waited a very long time and had no other children. They were a match.

If you check her blog, you will see that she has waited patiently on God to answer her prayer-and He has.  Praise God!   He is faithful.  She also shares the beautiful story of getting "The Call"-reading it brought tears to my eyes recalling the joy and emotion I felt when we found out about our Kennedy.
It is such an honor and joy to share the bond of being adoptive mothers with this dear sister. There is NOTHING like it.  

I can also tell you this:  it is as much a blessing for them as it is their precious baby boy.
Please take a minute to visit her blog and wish her the best as the start their lives together as a family.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valentine's Day

Kennedy & Isa

Kennedy had her class Valentine's Day party and I got to go help! Jordan came home to keep Jackson and Chandler Grace. Since I'm usually home with them, I never get to help out at her school, so I was so excited-so was Kennedy. Then when we got home, her Daddy had a surprise for her...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kennedy goes to the dentist

Kennedy made her first trip to the dentist February 10th.  Dr. Putnam and Stephanie the dental hygienist said that she was a perfect first timer!  She did great.  She had a cavity she's going to have filled and we had seen the adult tooth already out BEHIND the loose tooth.
What we did learn was that Kennedy will have to have oral surgery to have a baby tooth cut out that has fused to the bone with an adult tooth behind it.
So, we have a trip to Dr. Hagney's office coming up.
Here are pics they graciously let me take of my first baby's first trip to the dentist.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blog withdrawls

I have missed blogging!  And, man, am I far behind!  
Our processor was in the words of my husband, "fried."  So, we ordered a new processor-turns out, not the problem.  And I was about to go insane waiting for AND using Jordan's Blackberry every night.  
Our computer is old and has already been rebuilt once, so we decided to bite the bullet, and get a knew one.  
Jordan got me a Macbook and I love it!  We are having our pictures and important info transferred over to this and hopefully, I'll be back to posting regularly.
I've missed everyone and journaling for my babies.  Good to be back!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


We spent Saturday at Winterplace (West Virginia) snow tubing. We haven't gotten any snow here to speak of, so we decided to go where the snow was.

Jordan and Kennedy went snow tubing and I took Jackson and Chandler Grace to Kiddieland. I pulled them around in a tube and we played in the snow. Thankfully, Kiddieland was next to the big lanes so we could watch Jordan and Kennedy.
The weather was beautiful-a perfect day for snow tubing.

I was so proud of Kennedy. She was so brave. The lanes were a little intimidating, but she did it and loved it. She was fascinated with the magic carpet ride-a conveyer belt you stood on that took you up to the top of the lanes.
Jackson mostly rolled around or made snow balls and just carried them around. Chandler Grace ate snow most of the time.
The kids were equally excited to stay in a hotel afterward, or as Jackson kept calling it "the show and tell."
We all had a blast!