Saturday, February 28, 2009

Patti's News

My blog friend, Patti, (who I met through the "Pay It Forward" in October-thanks, Dallas:) has been waiting, and waiting, and waiting to be a mommy.  

She and her husband got "The Call" that a baby boy was born and that the birth mother wanted this baby to go to a couple who has waited a very long time and had no other children. They were a match.

If you check her blog, you will see that she has waited patiently on God to answer her prayer-and He has.  Praise God!   He is faithful.  She also shares the beautiful story of getting "The Call"-reading it brought tears to my eyes recalling the joy and emotion I felt when we found out about our Kennedy.
It is such an honor and joy to share the bond of being adoptive mothers with this dear sister. There is NOTHING like it.  

I can also tell you this:  it is as much a blessing for them as it is their precious baby boy.
Please take a minute to visit her blog and wish her the best as the start their lives together as a family.

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Patti said...

Awe Kim, What a sweet post. Thank you! Pep