Thursday, November 29, 2007

Papa and Gigi come for Thanksgiving!

Papa and Gigi came for Thanksgiving! We celebrated "The Giving Dinner" (as Kennedy calls it) on Saturday. It was wonderful to have family here to share the holiday with. The day they traveled here, we were busy cooking and baking! Kennedy and Jackson helped Mama make Party Mix and Kennedy was in charge of making the banana pudding. Aside from my cutting up the bananas for her, she did it all by herself!! That night, Kennedy got to stay up late to wait for Papa and Gigi to arrive. She was sooo excited! She also thought it was pretty cool that the babies had to go to sleep and she didn't!
On Thanksgiving morning, we had Grandma's cinammon rolls for breakfast. Kennedy helped me make Nonna's dressing, and Jackson helped Daddy make Grandma Dickson's mashed potatoes for lunch! Aunt Amy's corn casserole was also among the dishes we had for The Giving Dinner. It was special to have some of our favorite family recipes for the special occasion!
The kids had so much fun playing with Papa and Gigi-and Hoover! Of course, they spoiled the kids with a trip to the Dollar Tree and lots of snacks. We had family pictures taken at the park-thanks Gigi, you did a great job! Our last night together we had a pizza party and watched Santa Clause 3 for family night. We all enjoyed the visit and time together. We have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for family. Most of all, I am thankful to be Jordan's wife and Kennedy, Jackson, and Chandler Grace's Mama!

Jackson 18 Months


Jackson is such a joy to our family. He has such a sense of humor-even now, and is so much fun. We all enjoy him and can't imagine him not being a part of our family.

*He weighs 27 pounds

*He is now saying "Mommy and Daddy" instead of "Mama and Da Da"

*He can go up and down the stairs independently

*He can say whatever he wants to say-sometimes surprising us with what he knows


*He knows animal sounds

*Finishes Jackson Kyle-with "Harr" sounding like "Hore" (Gonna have to work on that, huh!)

*Sings "Twinkle, twinkle, little star"

*Says "1, 2, 3"

*Says "Ho Ho Ho"

*Says "Oh, no" and puts his hand on his forehead!

*Total dare devil!

*Good eater

*Can climb into his car seat

*LOVES the Wiggles

*Imitates the Wiggles dance to the song "Bears are now asleep" (Kennedy's first "imitation", too!!!) He just did it one day while the song was on-we were stunned just as we were with Kennedy!

*Loves to talk on the phone

*Fusses with Kennedy at times (gifted, huh-I thought this came way later)

*ADORES Chandler-cannot keep from hugging and kissing her-still calls her "Baby"

*Idolizes Kennedy and will do anything she does or asks him to do!

*Loves to play "where's Jackson" and will say "there he are" when he jumps out or comes running back into the room-will actually say that when asked where anyone/anything is

*Loves outside

*Says "NO" and "Hey!" to Kennedy when he's unhappy-wonder where he picked that up?!!!

*Still flips out if Jordan leaves for even a second once he comes in from work by falling face-down on the floor and crying

*Will say "sorry" when we tell him to if he hits will give a hug-usually happens with Kennedy

*Will say "yes, mam" usually after telling me "no" and getting in trouble for it

*Says "hug" or "kiss" when he wants one!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fall Day

The weather was amazing yesterday, so we spent most of the afternoon outside! Very unexpected since it's been cold latetly. The kids were so excited to go out and play. Kennedy picked leaves so that she could do a "Leaf Rub" for Show and Tell today. She and Jackson rode the tricycle, played in their playhouse, went on the slide-Kennedy even went belly first and, being the dare devil that he is, Jackson did, too! They played with the hoola hoop and the frisbee. Miss Chandler stayed on the swing and with Mama and held -tried to eat-the leaves Kennedy would bring her!

Future Razorback!

Jordan has taught Jackson to get down in a stance, run, and tackle him! I don't know who has more fun playing this game, but it is so cute to watch them do it. These 2 not only look alike, they are just alike. They are big buds. They have to stick together since they are out numbered by the girls!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Chandler- 5 months!

Chandler had her first feeding-1 teaspoon of rice cereal with a spoon!! It was her first time in her high chair that Gigi got her. It was so funny-she would make the most awful faces! I really thought she'd go after it, but she kept sticking her tongue out to block it! She did manage to get some. The kids watched as Jordan and I took turns feeding her!
I can't believe she is 5 months old already! It has been a productive month-here is where we are at 5 months:
*Says Da Da!! (She beats her brother and sister who both said it at 6 months!)
*Teething symptoms (drooling, eating fist, everything goes to the mouth)
*Laughing out loud (the most for Kennedy!)
*Can focus across the room
*Kicks and gets excited when Daddy walks in the door from work
*Can follow us around with her eyes
*Can roll over-back to belly/belly to back
*"Talking" cooing!
*Smiles at Daddy, Mama, Kennedy and Jackson!
*Watches her sister and brother play
*Gripping-hair,toy, whatever!
*Reaches for things
*Had rice added to bottle (4 months)
*Distracted easily (usually from Kennedy and Jackson)while eating her bottle!
*Had 1st Halloween-went as a caterpillar
*Pulls for and "kisses" your face
*Removed infant head support in car seat
*Hangs arm over the side of swing
*Jumping in exersaucer
*Eats rice cereal with spoon

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Leaf Collection

Jordan took Kennedy on a "leaf hunt" yesterday after he got home from work. Kennedy's preschool class is learning about leaves this month, so she made a leaf collection for Show and Tell today. Jordan said he had the best time watching Kennedy skip around and pick up leaves! Then after dinner we cleared the table so she could go to work! She would pick out each leaf she wanted to use and would then glue it wherever she wanted it to go! A few leaves needed Daddy's help, but it was mostly done by Miss Kennedy. I cannot believe my baby is 4 years old and doing a project for preschool! We were so proud of the job she did, and she was so excited to take it for Show and Tell today! Mrs. J asked Kennedy if she would leave it for the class to enjoy this month as they continue their study on leaves!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Chandler Grace

Well, we're ending the 4th month with our little princess. Chandler Grace is enjoying her exersaucer so much! It's so neat to see all of the developmental changes she has made this month from just sitting in it to grabbing for the toys and actually playing with it. The swing has been so great-she loves it and even takes her naps in it!

Chandler Grace loves to hold a soft burp cloth, bib, or a stuffed animal when she's sleepy. So, I got a picture of her with Piggy. This is Chandler Grace's jellycat pig- these are the softest stuffed animals! Kennedy and Jackson also have one-Kennedy's is a blue elephant, Blue, and Jackson has a frog, Mr. Frog. These were gifts from Mama to each of them after they were born. It is special because when we were "waiting" for a baby, I taught at the Westport Road Church of Christ Preschool and there was a little boy who had the blue elephant and I thought it was the softest stuffed animal I'd ever felt! I knew then when I had a baby, I wanted one for him/her. So, I'm glad they all love them, too!