Monday, November 5, 2007

Chandler Grace

Well, we're ending the 4th month with our little princess. Chandler Grace is enjoying her exersaucer so much! It's so neat to see all of the developmental changes she has made this month from just sitting in it to grabbing for the toys and actually playing with it. The swing has been so great-she loves it and even takes her naps in it!

Chandler Grace loves to hold a soft burp cloth, bib, or a stuffed animal when she's sleepy. So, I got a picture of her with Piggy. This is Chandler Grace's jellycat pig- these are the softest stuffed animals! Kennedy and Jackson also have one-Kennedy's is a blue elephant, Blue, and Jackson has a frog, Mr. Frog. These were gifts from Mama to each of them after they were born. It is special because when we were "waiting" for a baby, I taught at the Westport Road Church of Christ Preschool and there was a little boy who had the blue elephant and I thought it was the softest stuffed animal I'd ever felt! I knew then when I had a baby, I wanted one for him/her. So, I'm glad they all love them, too!

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Collins Family said...

Look at that sweet girl, they are all growing too fast!