Thursday, November 29, 2007

Papa and Gigi come for Thanksgiving!

Papa and Gigi came for Thanksgiving! We celebrated "The Giving Dinner" (as Kennedy calls it) on Saturday. It was wonderful to have family here to share the holiday with. The day they traveled here, we were busy cooking and baking! Kennedy and Jackson helped Mama make Party Mix and Kennedy was in charge of making the banana pudding. Aside from my cutting up the bananas for her, she did it all by herself!! That night, Kennedy got to stay up late to wait for Papa and Gigi to arrive. She was sooo excited! She also thought it was pretty cool that the babies had to go to sleep and she didn't!
On Thanksgiving morning, we had Grandma's cinammon rolls for breakfast. Kennedy helped me make Nonna's dressing, and Jackson helped Daddy make Grandma Dickson's mashed potatoes for lunch! Aunt Amy's corn casserole was also among the dishes we had for The Giving Dinner. It was special to have some of our favorite family recipes for the special occasion!
The kids had so much fun playing with Papa and Gigi-and Hoover! Of course, they spoiled the kids with a trip to the Dollar Tree and lots of snacks. We had family pictures taken at the park-thanks Gigi, you did a great job! Our last night together we had a pizza party and watched Santa Clause 3 for family night. We all enjoyed the visit and time together. We have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for family. Most of all, I am thankful to be Jordan's wife and Kennedy, Jackson, and Chandler Grace's Mama!

Jackson 18 Months


Jackson is such a joy to our family. He has such a sense of humor-even now, and is so much fun. We all enjoy him and can't imagine him not being a part of our family.

*He weighs 27 pounds

*He is now saying "Mommy and Daddy" instead of "Mama and Da Da"

*He can go up and down the stairs independently

*He can say whatever he wants to say-sometimes surprising us with what he knows


*He knows animal sounds

*Finishes Jackson Kyle-with "Harr" sounding like "Hore" (Gonna have to work on that, huh!)

*Sings "Twinkle, twinkle, little star"

*Says "1, 2, 3"

*Says "Ho Ho Ho"

*Says "Oh, no" and puts his hand on his forehead!

*Total dare devil!

*Good eater

*Can climb into his car seat

*LOVES the Wiggles

*Imitates the Wiggles dance to the song "Bears are now asleep" (Kennedy's first "imitation", too!!!) He just did it one day while the song was on-we were stunned just as we were with Kennedy!

*Loves to talk on the phone

*Fusses with Kennedy at times (gifted, huh-I thought this came way later)

*ADORES Chandler-cannot keep from hugging and kissing her-still calls her "Baby"

*Idolizes Kennedy and will do anything she does or asks him to do!

*Loves to play "where's Jackson" and will say "there he are" when he jumps out or comes running back into the room-will actually say that when asked where anyone/anything is

*Loves outside

*Says "NO" and "Hey!" to Kennedy when he's unhappy-wonder where he picked that up?!!!

*Still flips out if Jordan leaves for even a second once he comes in from work by falling face-down on the floor and crying

*Will say "sorry" when we tell him to if he hits will give a hug-usually happens with Kennedy

*Will say "yes, mam" usually after telling me "no" and getting in trouble for it

*Says "hug" or "kiss" when he wants one!

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Collins Family said...

Love the pics, the outside photos are GREAT! What a cute & sweet family!