Monday, December 3, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We traditionally put up our Christmas tree Thanksgiving night, but we celebrated it with Papa and Gigi here the Saturday after Thanksgiving. And since we didn't want to take away time with them to do it, we put it up this Saturday. It was qutie an event! We had our traditional finger foods, Christmas music and/or Christmas movies playing while decorating the tree. We even took an intermission for hot chocolate at Kennedy's request and each had our own personalized mug! Of course, Chandler's is waiting for her next year! Jackson was so excited, but kept confusing the ornaments for balls and throwing them. Now that the new has worn off, he leaves it alone! We put up our dancing/singing Santa Papa and Gigi got us 2 years ago and the kids love it! Each year we get the kids an ornament and this year has been the year of the princess for Kennedy, so she got a Princess ornament. Jackson LOVES dogs-it was even one of his first words, so it was only fitting to get him a dog ornament. Chandler Grace got a pink 2007 ornament and a baby girl ornament. Kennedy and Jackson have their own little tree so now we have to get one for Miss Chandler Grace. This is such a magical time of year. Even more so with the kids.

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Collins Family said...

Love the Christmas decorating pics! Looks like it was a blast!