Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kennedy's Christmas Program

Kennedy's preschool had their Christmas Program, Thursday, December 14th at 9:30AM. I had to have Kennedy there by their regular 9:00 time. Jordan left work to met me, Jackson, and Chandler Grace there around 9:15. We got our seats in the back-to be safe with the babies! They did great, though. Jordan stood the whole time to video the program. Kennedy kept mouthing for him to "sit down"! During one of the songs, Jackson yelled out "Hey Kennedy!" twice-it was so funny!It was so sweet and of course, I did my motherly duty of shedding a few tears. I was so proud of my baby up there singing her heart out about Christmas and the birth of Jesus! The kids were surprised when Santa Clause came in-Kennedy finished the song slowly, eyes HUGE, and then goes "OH..Wow"! We got it on video-it's priceless! Following the program we all went to the Fellowship Room for refreshments and the kids got to sit on Santa's lap!
The teacher's also had our surprise present from the kids-a "Santa's Cookies" plate with Rudolph the red nose reigndeer on it made out of their foot and hand prints! So precious! Kennedy sat on Santa's lap and told him she wants a Disney Princess cash register. Jackson didn't want any part of sitting on his lap, but he did give him five! We all had a great time! These kind of things are just one of the MANY that makes being a parent WONDERFUL! Kennedy will be on break until January 3rd. We are excited to have her home the 3 hours/3 days a week she is normally at school!


Collins Family said...

Way to go Kennedy- Such a big girl! I know it was wonderful watching her sing and perform!

Kyle said...

Awww, Great job little stinker! How precious is her mouthing "Oh Wow..." I can just hear Jack yelling "Hi Key-di!" They are so cute! how have you not squeezed (Sqoze) their heads off yet?