Friday, December 21, 2007

Santa Clause

So, we took the traditional "Go see Santa" trip December 14th! We went to Northlake mall Friday night, had Chandler's 6 month pictures taken, and then went to see Santa! It is a sad looking bunch of kids to see Santa, but here's why. Kennedy sat next to Santa to leave his lap open for the babies. But, Jackson would not sit on Santa's lap. Jackson cried at first, but then quit when they handed him a stuffed penguin. So, he was content to sit NEXT to him. In his shaky-after-crying voice he looked up at Santa immediately and blurted out "TOY!" We had been "coaching" him to be excited for Santa and to tell him he wanted a toy! It was hilarious. Of course, Chandler had no idea what was going on, so she was fine. And Kennedy, our old pro, was very prepared to tell Santa exactly what she wanted-a Disney Princess cash register. So, we considered it a success to have all 3 in the picture and looking at the camera!

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Collins Family said...

Kennedy looks very thrilled to be there. Although they are not smiling it is priceless because they are not smiling!