Tuesday, December 25, 2007

10 Year Wedding Anniversary

December 19, 1997

December 19, 2007

Ten years ago, December 19th, we were married at sunset on Kapalua Bay Beach in Maui, Hawaii. I was 21 and Jordan was 20. Very young, but very sure. The day of the wedding, we went to a boutique, Women who Run with Wolves, and found 2 infinity bands. One was a size 12, Jordan's size, and the other a size 6, my size. And since we always used the infinity sign on our notes we took it as a sign. The ceremony was very romantic-barefoot on the beach in December-our fairy tale! Just what we wanted. We were still on our honeymoon and went to our first luau on Christmas Eve and spent our first Christmas together in Hawaii! We love our memory of our wedding. We always dreamed of returning with our family to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, but since that was not realistic for us at this time, instead for our 10 year anniversary, we each took $10 to get something that reminded us of being in Hawaii for our wedding. It was bizarre that we both did the same thing!! We each wrote 10 of our favorite memories. And even more bizarre was that they were the same memories-almost word for word! We both agreed that validates the 10 years! Jordan put his in a photo album-he did his on the computer with different things he copied from the internet that went along with each memory. I wrote my 10 things and put them in a Christmas tin, since, traditionally aluminum/tin is the 10th wedding anniversary gift. We ate a lite dinner that night, and when the kids went to bed, Jordan went and picked up Chinese food and we ate together, exchanged our gifts, and looked at our wedding photo album and reminisced. Even though it wasn't a trip back to Hawaii, it was nice to "re-visit" it together. We were so thankful for the opportunity to reflect on one of the best times of our life together. We couldn't be more thankful to be together, and to have our three precious children. We are truly blessed!

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