Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jackson 19 Months

Another special thing about Christmas this year was that Jackson was 19 months old! He is just doing so much! He is very independent and is very much a little boy! There is something about having a son! It is so neat-and so different than having little girls. He is the comedian of the family. Always cracking us up with the funny things he does-and he knows they are funny! And quite the dare devil. He's not afraid of anything. Kind of hard on Mama, but I'm getting better at it. He's also the most sensitive, sweet and loving little boy. Of course, he has all of our hearts. He adds such a unique dimension to our family and we cannot imagine it without him. Like the other 2 he was definitely meant to be! Jordan took him to get his 18 month shots yesterday (12/28) and he was a champ. He cried only a little during the shot, but Jordan said he quit right after. Jackson weighs 29 pounds! Jordan said he did great and was so excited and seemed so proud that he got to take him for a change. He adores his daddy and his daddy adores him! They are buddies. These girls adore him, too. Kennedy gets such a kick out of the things he does and says. She laughs at him all of the time. And Chandler gets so excited everytime she she's him. Of course, she gets LOTS of hugs from him! And as for me, well, I have the little boy I have always dreamed of. He's everything I wanted in a son. Happy 19 months, Jackson!

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