Friday, May 30, 2008

Support our Troops

Daniel Loftis
How it is beyond all comprehension that there are those brave men and women who unselfishly would go in my place to defend my freedom, my family, and my country-I am SO thankful.
I am so proud to say that one of these brave men is my cousin, Daniel Loftis.
He graduated May 21st from Security Forces training and is currently in PRP/Security Forces, stationed at Kings Bay, Georgia. What an honorable choice to serve. We pray God's blessings and protection over Daniel whenever and wherever his orders take him. His joining the marines has hightened awareness of patriotism in our home. God bless our country and all who choose to defend it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is always a big event with Jackson's birthday and Jordan having Monday off.
We finished the weekend by spending the entire day out in the pool on Monday. It was the perfect day to be in the water. The kids enjoyed eating pickles out

side and playing with their new water guns in the pool before lunch. We came in for lunch and naps. While me and the babies took a nap, Jordan helped Kennedy hang her bird feeder.
When we got up, it was back outside! Dinner was a special treat-Daddy grilled steaks, our favorite. He and Kennedy call themselves "The Grill Buddies" and eat 1 steak off the grill! Jackson joined the club last year, but seemed more enthused this year! He normally doesn't eat meat, but even he could not resist Daddy's steaks. After dinner, we had star cookies and ice cream for desert.
Then it was time for fireworks-well, sparklers, anyway. It satisfied our crew. What a great way to end the day and the fun weekend.
We explained to Kennedy why we celebrate this day. She couldn't believe people would fight for her. My thoughts exactly. She even said she may fight for her family when she gets big. She has the most tender heart, and I truly believe she meant it. Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and Memorial Day weekend!

Jackson's 2nd Birthday

Our baby boy turned 2 on Sunday, May 25th. We celebrated this day by taking our little animal lover (just like his daddy) to the Asheboro Zoo. We spent the afternoon looking at ALL of the animals. We were so happy the weather cooperated and allowed us to enjoy the day!
When we got home, we had his Diego birthday party. Kennedy took it upon herself to make a speech to Jackson, unbeknownst to us, and it was beautiful and touching. Jordan and I were stunned and I was so thankful it was captured on video. If I figure out which cables to use and figure out how to upload it, I will.
We had cake and ice cream and Jackson opened his presents. He got a Diego helicopter rescue center, Diego plate, toothbrush and toothpaste from Mama and Daddy, a Diego flashlight from Kennedy and Chandler Grace, Papa and Gigi sent dinosaurs, pajamas, a Wiggles activity package and coloring book. He got a card with money from Aunt Belle earlier in the week and a balloon bouqet and Dalmation stuffed animal from Grandpa and Grandma on Saturday.
It was a great day and one we are so thankful we get to celebrate.
Happy Birthday to our big baby boy. We are so thankful God chose to bless us with you 2 years ago.

Kennedy's Bird House

Kennedy loved painting her bird house Saturday night and did a great job. She really enjoys artistic projects-thanks Mrs. Leigh!
We picked up bird seed that day at Wal Mart and her daddy helped her hang it on Monday.
We have become bird watchers-I hope we get to see one soon!

Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday)

First sign of summer!
Jackson's Birthday balloon delivery

Wanna switch?

Getting some of Jack Jack's while he's getting balloons!

Exploring for bugs with new equipment

Enjoying the bigger pool

We kicked off Memorial Day weekend with a decision to upgrade our tiny plastic pool to a somewhat larger plastic pool. It's amazing how tiny it became once the the three of them got inside. Since it was so nice and warm outside, we let the kids play with their new bug catching equipment before we left for Wal Mart. Then, we heard the ice cream truck (for the first time this year) and the kids got an ice cream. It was so beautiful outside. We all stayed out while they ate their ice cream, and then the delivery truck came. Grandpa and Grandma sent Jackson birthday "boy-yoons" as he calls them, and a Dalmation stuffed animal-it was quite the hit.
After they finished their ice-cream, we went and got the pool and headed back to fill it up. The water was freezing but everyone had a great time. Chandler Grace even got her own baby pool which worked out great.
We enjoyed just spending the day outside enjoying the great weather.

Chuck E. Cheese with Mr. Tom & Mrs. Leigh

Before Jordan was promoted and we moved to Mooresville, we lived in Jackson, Tennesse, and Tom was Jordan's boss.
He and his sweet wife, Leigh, sort of adopted all of us. They always spoil the kids and the kids adore them. We all do.
They were coming for the big race this past weekend and asked to meet us at Chuck E. Cheese to see the kids and give them presents. I was so excited to see them. We live so far from family it is rare we see anyone and it was so nice to see familiar faces.
We had a great time at Chuck E. Cheese. The kids played-all 3 this time. Mr. Tom and Mrs. Leigh were a super help to me and Jordan juggling kids! We all had a great time and Kennedy will not let anyone forget that she beat Mr. Tom in air hockey!
They brought us a picnic basket (I've always wanted one!), the kids got bug catching equipment, Kennedy got a bird house with paint, and Chandler Grace got a bird stuffed animal. They always do too much, and as always we loved everything.
The time flew by and we all had such a great time getting to see the Buie's.

Where, oh where, has my little boy gone?

Cookies were all it took to make Jackson sit still!
The dinosaurs were a big hit

My big baby boy

We took Jackson for his 2nd haircut, Saturday, May 17th. I ask her to leave the curls and she didn't. I'm better now. Jackson's curls gone and turning 2, Chandler Grace about to be 1, and Kennedy about to be 5? That's hard on a Mama!
What a big boy!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Movie Day

Kennedy's class had "Movie Day" on Thursday. So, no picture. I didn't go in to get one because as Kennedy now often says,"That's embarrassing"- Embarrassing at 4 years old. What can I say, she's gifted.
They set it up and pretended to be at the movie theater. From Kennedy's report, they got to turn off the lights, sit by their friends on the rug, and watch Charlotte's Web. They even got to have a bag of popcorn just like at the movie theater. Kennedy was super impressed.
Oh-and now Kennedy wants a pig.
Next week is the last week of preschool. They are off Monday, so she'll just go Tuesday and Thursday.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Water Days

Water Day #1
Always a pose!

Water Day #2

Just can't wait!
This week Kennedy's class got to have "Water Day" on Monday and Tuesday! Both days the kids were told to wear a swimsuit and bring a towel. Instead of class, they were given squirt bottles and water balloons on the playground! And snack time was extra special because they got to have popsickles. Such excitement at the end of the year!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our Story

Our Blessed Adoption
After 5 years of marriage, and 4 years of trying to have a baby, we moved to Louisville, Kentucky, for Jordan's job.  It was there, through our Westport Road church home and the adoption agency they sponsored, Childplace, that we became certified nursery care parents (foster parents for newborns.)  Our preacher and his wife took us to dinner one night and told us about it.  They were needing volunteers, and I was a recent stay at home wife and thought this would be a good service for me.  I loved all babies and I rationalized that it wouldn't be hard on me to give up the babies since I was trying to have one myself. Childplace only certified once a year.  Guess what?  We hadn't missed it.  We waited from September 2002 until June 26th to get a call about our first baby. We were told the birth mom was in labor.  The next call was Saturday to say it was a girl and that we needed to pick her up at University hospital on Sunday.
The baby, who at the time we were temporarily calling Belle, after a favorite aunt, was born June 27, 2003, and we picked her up from the hospital on June 29, 2003. The intent was to keep her a few days, weeks, possibly months, until an adoptive family was chosen.
We had been undergoing fertility treatments for a year with a top specialist, Dr. Nakajima, at the time and had 2 failed IUI's.  We were planning a 3rd, but it was clear whether we became pregnant or not had nothing to do with the fact that this little girl was meant to be ours.  I told Jordan I thought we were supposed to keep her.  So much so, it was hard for me to call her Belle, because we knew if we ever had a girl, her name would be Kennedy.  He looked at me and said, "Aw, Kim, if you're going to want all of these babies, then we don't need to do this."  I told him it wasn't all of the babies.  You see, we had provided respite for 4 of the foster babies before Kennedy.  It was just her.  I just knew.  THIS was Kennedy. Although, there was no conceivable way this could be possible.  He told me to pray about it.  And I did.  All night.  The very next day, her birth mother called.  I had only spoken with her 2 other times, but had an immediate connection with her from our first conversation.  She told me that she wasn't confident with choosing any of the profiles she had seen, and wished that we could adopt her.  Although I wanted to scream "YES!", I refrained.  I didn't want to come across to boldly, because I knew she must be in quite an emotional state, and didn't know how serious she was.  She went on talking and then, she said it again.  When she said it the 3rd time, I took a deep breath and said, "We want her to be a part of  our family!" She cried, I cried.  Jordan came in the room and thought I was crying because she had changed her mind and decided to keep the baby. But, I told him what she said.  We went in the living room to pick up Kennedy and the 3 of us hugged and I announced to my parents, who were visiting, "We're gonna be a family!"  It was one of the most memorable days of my life.  I immediately stopped all fertility treatments.  And for the first time in 5 years, becoming pregnant wasn't my goal anymore.   She changed that.  It was being a mommy to this baby girl.  Kennedy and I were meant to be together.  It was the perfect match.  A man and woman needing a baby, a baby needing a daddy and a mama.  God's perfect plan.  

Kennedy Jordan Harr 
June 27, 2003
"I prayed for this child..." 1Sam 1:27-28

Legal Placement 
September 22, 2003
"so we petitioned our God about this and he answered our prayer..." Ezra 8:23

Adoption final
September 24, 2004
"the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in out eyes." Psalm 118:23

Our  Miracle Pregnancy
After 5 years of infertility, and 1 year of fertility treatments, we decided to stop the treatments. After God revealed his plan for us to adopt Kennedy, we just wanted to see what happened next.  At the end of 2004, we were living in Jackson, Tennessee, I had some complications and was referred to a Memphis women's fertility clinic to see Dr. Ke, another top specialist, for testing.  A polyp was discovered that at the opening of my uterus, which the doctor said had been there for years, but had never been noticed before despite the many invasive procedures I had undergone back in 2002 and 2003. In fact, they never knew why we weren't conceiving. I had 4 surgeries, D&C, laproscopy, hysteroscopy, and polypectomy performed in March 2004. After the surgeries, they scheduled a follow up in August with Dr. Ke, the director of the fertility clinic.  He looked at me and told me that Jordan and I would never conceive naturally. Since intrauterine insemination hadn't worked, our options were: In Vitro, another adoption, or nothing.  I explained that if we hadn't gotten Kennedy the way we had, we may go another way, but we weren't wanting to continue with fertility treatments.
God saw things a little differently, and the next month, we were pregnant. We know that God blocked our getting pregnant so that we could get our Kennedy.  Then, he allowed it to be revealed and removed to continue his plan for our family.
September 15, 2004, I remember looking at the pregnancy test in disbelief.  After all of the MANY negative ones in the past, this one was positive!  I called Jordan in a state of shock, still believing it couldn't be right.  I then went to the doctor to have a blood test.  And, I was.  I really, really was.  Jordan and I told Kennedy when Jordan got home and she jumped around the room cheering!  She immediately said, "I want a boy!"
I was considered high risk with my background, so Dr. Ke wanted to see me for the first 3 months.  We went for our first ultrasound with all the excitement you can imagine.  The expression on the technician's face brought that to a halt quickly.  She went to talk to the doctor, and came back and told us to go back and wait for him.  Another doctor came in and said, "I'm so sorry.  There's been no growth.  If you don't lose the baby, we'll schedule a D&C."  We asked if there could be some mistake, but she said no. Well, longest ride home from Memphis to Jackson ever.  That night, I grieved the loss of this baby we had waited so long for.  The next morning I got a call from the lab saying that my blood levels were on target and that maybe that I was just earlier than they thought. Double miracle!  Kennedy got her wish when we found out the baby was a boy on January 3, 2006.  Our little miracle!

Jackson Kyle Harr
May 25, 2006
"As for God, His way is perfect" 2 Sam 22:31a

Our second miracle pregnancy
When I gave birth to Jackson, our doctor asked about birth control before leaving the hospital. We laughed and explained to him that it was a miracle we were there at all, and most unlikely to be back ever again.  But if so, bring it on!  Fast forward 5 months, and I decided to get a pregnancy test.  I took it right before bedtime.  I didn't tell Jordan, because I knew it would key Kennedy up, and so, I kept it to myself until I got Kennedy and Jackson to sleep.  I went downstairs, and Jordan was sitting in his chair eating a yogurt.  I said, "Those are 2 pretty terrific kids we've got up there.  I wonder what it will be like with 3?"  He JUMPED out of his chair, grabbed me, and we hugged in disbelief and joy.  I was a month along with baby Harr #3!  We were thrilled.  Our dream of having a large family finally realized.  I loved that we were having back to back babies-our version of twins!  We told Kennedy and Jackson the next morning.  Of course, Jackson didn't understand, but Kennedy was an old pro by now, and she screamed and squealed about it.  Her face was priceless.  She said immediately, "I hope it's a girl!  I want a sister so we can share a room!" We decided to not find out the gender, to let it build for one huge surprise.  And, it was!  We thought all along it was a boy.  But, on June 11, 2007, just 12 1/2 months after her big brother was born, Kennedy got her wish, and Chandler Grace was born.

Chandler Grace Harr
June 11, 2007
"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine..."Eph 3:20

God had a plan for our family.  Each member was chosen by him and we were all brought together for a reason-for his purpose.  We know that the infertility was a block so that we could get our Kennedy.  And then, it was taken away so that we could have our Jackson and Chandler Grace.  Our blessed broken road of infertility, adoption, and miracle pregnancies.

"God moves in a mysterious way, his wonders to perform" John 13:7

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Park Day

Mrs. J and Kennedy

So, I'm still catching up on my posts...
The end of preschool is nearing as evidenced by the "fun days" they are having this month. Kennedy's preschool class, the Bunnies, and the other 4 year old class, the Bears, had "Park Day" on Thursday. The Bunnies were to wear a red shirt and the Bears were to wear a blue shirt. Everyone was told to bring a sack lunch. This is a very big deal since they don't ordinarily eat luch at preschool. Kennedy was so excited to be at the park all morning instead of school and get to take her lunch. So, Wednesday we went to the grocery store for her to pick what she wanted to have for her special lunch and she chose a lunchable. That night after she went to bed, I wrote her name in red crayon and colored red and pink hearts on her bag-to make it "fancy" for Kennedy!
I wrote her a note on her napkin-just like my mom always did. But, Kennedy can't read yet, so, I drew an eye, a heart, and a U.
Thursday morning she was so excited-I was even excited! I just love all of the activities for her-one of the many neat things to enjoy being a mom. And when I dropped her off, I couldn't help but notice how big she looked as she ran onto the playground.

Friday, May 16, 2008

May-Mama & Kennedy's Special Day

Getting her nails painted
Acting like the Statue of Liberty with her Red Robin balloon

As I've mentioned before, Jordan and I alternate months where we pick a Saturday and take JUST Kennedy out to do something special. She gets just Daddy or just Mama all to herself. And, we get her all to ourselves.
May was my turn with Kennedy. I look so forward to these special days.
This time I took Kennedy to get her nails painted. She was beyond excited and I told her she could pick any color she wanted. When I heard the lady say "green with sparkles" I knew that would be THE one! For any of you who are familiar with the book "Fancy Nancy" well, need I say more? That's my Kennedy spot on. Afterwards, they gave her a sticker and she tore it down the middle and gave me half!! Aww! What a sweetheart. So, now that we had green polish with sparkles, we headed to Red Robin for lunch.
We've only been there one other time-the 4 of us had dinner there when it opened and I was 9 months pregnant with Chandler Grace. I remember thinking I didn't care if I ever ate there again. I recalled the food being bad, the service being bad-did I say I was 9 months pregnant?? Getting a balloon and seeing the Red Robin mascot was all Kennedy needed to fall in love with the place and she has begged to go back ever since.
I told her she could pick anything on the kiddie menu. She looked at the pictures and decided on the hamburger. I told her she could order all by herself. So, when our waiter came, she told him she'd have the hamburger. He asked what she wanted on it, and she answered, "Mustard". I know she also likes ketchup and cheese, so I say, "Kennedy, would you like ketchup?" She says, "Oh yeah, ketchup!" When I say, "What about cheese?" She looks very serious and says, "No cheese, just the ham". I thought I would fall out of the booth laughing! I could not believe she said that-even our young waiter couldn't help himself from laughing! Then she cuts her eyes up to the waiter and says (pointing a finger) "Extra pickles". I could not believe her-extra pickles? Nobody in our family ever orders extra anything-she constantly comes up with all kinds of things which keep us entertained.
Now, how do you top that order? I'll tell you. After he asks, "Anything else?" She then points to the chicken tenders and says, "And this". I quickly say, "No, we'll just go with the hamburger today!" That's my girl-just like her Mama-she loves food!
Of course, she had to get a "fancy drink" and picked the Freckled Lemonade which is lemonade with strawberries in it and comes in a curvy glass.
Kennedy looked around as we waited for our food and says, "Man, this place sure is fancy!"
Bless her heart! Maybe all of the eclectic art on the walls and sounds from TV and radio-all of the "busy" she attributed to being fancy. I just think it was her way of saying she liked it.
Now for the best part of the whole day. While we were eating, Kennedy with ketchup and mustard smeared on her face says, very sincerely, "I love you, Mom". Ah, it melted my heart.
After we finished our lunch, I let her pick out the desert-and my girl did not disappoint! She chose, to my delight, the Mile High Mud Pie. It was HUGE! We did our best, but we took the rest home to a thankful Daddy and Jackson! Before we left, I took her picture with her balloon.
What a great day! Memories I will carry with me forever. I hope she will, too.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chandler Grace 11 Months (5/11/08)

I missed this post since it was on Mother's Day also, but Chandler Grace turned 11 months old!

1 more month and my baby will be 1! (No longer 0 as Kennedy says).
This month Chandler Grace is walking more and more. She's had her first pool experience. Her favorite book is "Clang Clang, Bang Bang". Her favorite show is Blue's Clues or Yo Gabba Gabba (the only 2 she sits through) and she gets so excited when she sees Moose A. Moose (Noggin). She loves to bite and drink from the kid's sippy cups, She belly laughs-mainly for Kennedy. She is a Mama's girl. At times, a Daddy's girl. She says Mama, Dada, waves bye, climbs, dances, speed crawls toward what she wants when she's told "No!", gives kisses, BITES, and tries to get into cabinets and drawers, hits herself (yep) and says "Na Na Na Na Na" while shaking her head (I'm guessing that's her "no")when she's frustrated-particularly when Jackson takes a toy from her, and she is quite the food snob and will only eat table food now. She is such a sweetheart-very gentle and feminine. She is usually very quiet and just tends to sit back and observe the chaos! She smiles a lot and is a very happy and content baby. We all are just in love with her and are blessed by her being in our family.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

What a great holiday that I do not take for granted having the priviledge to celebrate!

I have always wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. I even took the liberty of acting as a mother to my much younger brother when we were kids-well, maybe I'm still guilty of that.

I dreamed of big family Christmases, vacations, family nights, a full house and all the fun that comes along with that.

But, there was a time I wondered if I would have kids at all. I had the heart of a mother which I know is from God, but no children.

After almost 5 years of trying to conceive a child, Kennedy you were the unexpected gift from God that explained why I never did. My labor for you was a 5 year labor of love. I prayed for you and God delivered you to me. And what an honor to be chosen to be your mother. You have been a blessing to my life beyond measure. My soul mate-my match in every way. It was God's plan to put the 2 of us together-a "mother" needing a baby, a baby needing a mother. It was meant to be. You made me a mother-what a blessing. You were the answer to my prayers. I praised God for you, and I thought you'd be my only child.

But, God had a plan. He knew my desire to have children. Jackson you defied the odds by showing up ONE month after doctors said it couldn't happen naturally and after almost 7 years of trying to conceive, giving me a second child, first pregnancy, and first son. God's way is the best way. His way is perfect. Jackson, you have thrilled me with your addition to our family and I loved that you made Kennedy a big sister and gave her the brother she prayed for and always insisted that you were! You are the son I always wanted. You are my miracle, my precious baby boy.

Nothing could have prepared me for what God had planned next. Chandler Grace, when your big brother was only 4 months old, God showed His glory when you made your announcement that you were on your way! Nothing could have completely surprised and thrilled me more. When I found out about you, my dream of a big family was realized. You made Jackson a big brother and gave Kennedy the sister she hoped you'd be. Another miracle, my sweetheart, my baby girl.

I feel so blessed to see God's plan revealed of making me a mother, the way he chose to bring me the babies He had chosen for me. All 3 mine, just delivered differently. And although the waiting was nothing I wanted and not my plan at all, I know that's how it had to be and that it was always His plan all along. It's also a blessing as your mother to see the 3 of you love each other the way you do and know that it is only because of God that you are brother and sisters and for that I am forever thankful.

I am thankful for the everyday with the 3 of you. I'm even thankful for the chaos. I love being your mother and everything that comes with it-it reminds me that it actually happened and that this is all real-something I once feared would never be.
I am so thankful I am your mother Kennedy, Jackson and Chandler Grace. I still can't believe it gets to be me.

I love you with all of my heart and the 3 of you have made my dream come true.

How We Celebrated
For lunch, we had an Indoor Picnic/Pizza Party (Kennedy's great idea). After lunch, Kennedy and I made a pallet and watched a few episodes of Jon & Kate + 8 (our favorite show to watch together) while the babies and Jordan took a nap. Then everyone got dressed and we opened Presents which included Milky Ways (my favorite candy) mints (the candy Kennedy wanted), corn on the cob holders (picked out by Kennedy), singing cards and new dishes. Then we all loaded up and went to eat dinner at Red Lobster (and got to eat outside). After dinner we went over to Toys R Us and looked and played with some toys before heading home. What a great day!!!
Thank you, Jordan, for making this such a special day. Thank you for letting me sleep in and getting up soo early with the kids AND cleaning the kitchen! Thanks for taking the kids shopping and letting them pick out something that they wanted me to have. Thanks for getting lunch and taking us out for dinner so that I didn't have to ccok. It was a great, fun, relaxing day! Thank you for choosing me to be the mother to our 3 children.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ready for Summer!

Jordan met me at Wal-Mart yeseterday after work and we got the kids a pool to play in for the summer. Of course, we had to try it out right when we got home. Despite the freezing cold water from the hose, our kids were troopers and had a ball anyway! Well, it was short lived for Chandler Grace! She was much happier all wrapped up and snuggled with Daddy.
Hopefully the sun will heat up the water today, and it will be a little more comfortable for them.
Funny how the pool seemed to shrink once we got all 3 in the water...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A new favorite picture!

Covered in babies (just like I like it!)
Well, this is one of my new favorite pictures, taken by none other than our own Miss Kennedy! I think she is quite the photographer! Some my favorite pictures have been taken by her. She gets plenty of practice since she always wants to take pictures. One of the perks to being the oldest! Only thing to top this one is to have Jordan take a picture with her climbing on, too!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Here are my favorite pictures over the past week!

Chandler Grace Cuts 7th and 8th Tooth-Waves and Says Bye!

Chandler Grace cut her 7th and 8th tooth Sunday morning! She also waved for the first time to Jordan and said "BYE" when she did it!! Such an eventful day.
We couldn't believe it!! It was so exciting. What a big girl!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kennedy's Tae Kwon Do Ceremony

Master Berry inviting Kennedy to the RT Berry School of Tae Kwon Do Master Berry presenting Kennedy with her uniform

Kennedy wearing her new uniform!

After a 2 week trial training, this morning Kennedy was presented her uniform and officially accepted into the RT Berry School of Tae Kwon Do! This was a very special occasion and we are so proud for her AWESOME efforts and so thankful for the positive influence this has been for her!
We are so proud of you!
Daddy, Mama, Jackson & Chandler Grace

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chandler Grace Cuts 6th Tooth!

I guess Chandler Grace was so excited about Kennedy's Spring Sing, she cut her 6th tooth!
Now there's 4 on the bottom and 2 on the top. Just adorable. Pretty soon, we won't be able to keep up with the count!

Kennedy's Spring Sing

Kennedy is on the back row, middle (click photo to enlarge)
Kennedy and Jaden (her best friend at preschool)

Kennedy and Mrs. Nancy (director of preschool)

We spent the morning at Kennedy's preschool Spring Sing. I dropped Kennedy off for school this morning and then came back with the babies and met Jordan.
They had the entire preschool (2-5 year olds) perform songs they have learned throughout the year. It was precious and the kids had so much fun singing their hearts out! Of course, our girl was one of them. This is definitely up Kennedy's alley. We had punch and cookies afterward, which was a big hit for Kennedy and Jackson. They also had the spring school pictures set up for the parents to get.
Preschool has been such a great experience for Kennedy and we all enjoy these programs.