Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ready for Summer!

Jordan met me at Wal-Mart yeseterday after work and we got the kids a pool to play in for the summer. Of course, we had to try it out right when we got home. Despite the freezing cold water from the hose, our kids were troopers and had a ball anyway! Well, it was short lived for Chandler Grace! She was much happier all wrapped up and snuggled with Daddy.
Hopefully the sun will heat up the water today, and it will be a little more comfortable for them.
Funny how the pool seemed to shrink once we got all 3 in the water...


Collins Family said...

It looks like Chandler is frozen!!! Kids are so funny they don't mind the cold. Jackson & Kennedy look like it is so warm! They look like they had a ball!

Dallas said...

so sweet! those pools do shrink once you fill them up...with kids! i guess it's about time to break ours out too.