Sunday, May 18, 2008

Park Day

Mrs. J and Kennedy

So, I'm still catching up on my posts...
The end of preschool is nearing as evidenced by the "fun days" they are having this month. Kennedy's preschool class, the Bunnies, and the other 4 year old class, the Bears, had "Park Day" on Thursday. The Bunnies were to wear a red shirt and the Bears were to wear a blue shirt. Everyone was told to bring a sack lunch. This is a very big deal since they don't ordinarily eat luch at preschool. Kennedy was so excited to be at the park all morning instead of school and get to take her lunch. So, Wednesday we went to the grocery store for her to pick what she wanted to have for her special lunch and she chose a lunchable. That night after she went to bed, I wrote her name in red crayon and colored red and pink hearts on her bag-to make it "fancy" for Kennedy!
I wrote her a note on her napkin-just like my mom always did. But, Kennedy can't read yet, so, I drew an eye, a heart, and a U.
Thursday morning she was so excited-I was even excited! I just love all of the activities for her-one of the many neat things to enjoy being a mom. And when I dropped her off, I couldn't help but notice how big she looked as she ran onto the playground.


April said...

Your story is amazing and your family is BEAUTIFUL! I love the picture of all 3 children in their matching outfits at the top of your blog. My kids are "needing" my attention, so I'll be visiting your blog again soon and doing more "catching up" with you guys. So very glad to hear from you!!! Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog...I will link you to ours soon! :)

Sandi said...

Hi, Kim! Yes, it's me -- Sandi...I was just thinking of you the other day -- I'm not sure why. Not too long ago I was going through a big chest of notes from high school at my parents' house and found the ones we had written back and forth in Journalism. Remember Miss Browning taking us out into the hall to talk about our "fighting"? :)

You have a beautiful God-given family -- what an awesome story He has given you to share! I look forward to reading more and to catching up with you. I'm so glad for this blog world -- I've found so many old friends, and it's so much fun!!

Kim said...

Hello! Our husbands played football together at HU and I found you through Whitney's blog. Your story made me cry! We know first hand the pain of infertility. Kennedy is such a doll! And your little miracles are simply precious. Thank you for being so open and honest about your pregnancies. I hope that those of us who have been there can encourage those struggling now. I look forward to keeping up with your family. Tell Jordan that "GG" says hello too! :)