Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Jack-a-saurus Rex Is 3!!!

My beautiful baby boy turned 3 on May 25th.  We celebrated with a dinosaur party-his request.
We gave him a huge mylar dinosaur balloon (Pary City) when he woke up.  Then, I let him open his "3" shirt I made for him, so that he could wear it for his birthday.  I started this tradition for each kid last year. Then, it was party time!  Thanks to our house being all packed up and in disarray, our family of 5 made up the party guest list.  
The table was decorated with large dinosaur footprints (cut from bright colored green and orange poster board) and Jackson's 4 large plastic dinosaur toys.  We hung the T-Rex pinata (Party City) over the table.  
The party hats were dinosaur visors (Michael's) and they were a big hit!  The kids each got an orange mini tote filled with a plastic shovel, dinosaur stickers (all 3 from Michael's) and Yogos, which were baby dino eggs.  They each decorated their tote with the dinosaur stickers, and then the games began.
First, we dropped capsules (Dollar Tree) into cups to grow dinosaur sponges.  These grew while we played the games.  First, we had a fossil dig (Dollar Tree)  for dinosaur bones that could be put together as a dinosaur model.  Then, we had a dinosaur bone dig (dog bones-Dollar Tree) in dry oatmeal.  The kids got to use their new shovel.  
Then we got down from the table and played the game "How far can you jump?" on the dinosaur footprints (from the table).  We used  the same footprints and played "Musical Dino prints" while "We are the dinosaurs" (we downloaded from iTunes) played in the background. After the musical dino prints, we had a dinosaur egg hunt (wiffle balls-Dollar Tree) that the kids used their totes for, and got to keep the wiffle ball as another party favor.  We ended the games with a T-Rex pinata.   I got all of these ideas off of the internet.
Then it was time for cake!  I found Jackson's dino (may have actually been a dragon, but...) cupcake cakes at Wal Mart.  We used dinosaur plates, napkins, and plastic dinosaur cups (all 3 Party City) that the kid could keep as another party favor.
After cake was present time!  Jackson got a walking/roaring dinosaur, Thomas the Train take- along track with 3 trains, a remote control Lightening McQueen, and a football.  Papa and Gigi mailed McDonald's gift cards and big boy CARS underwear, Uncle Kyle mailed a NASCAR color-by-number art set, Aunt Belle and Nana mailed cards with money, and Grandpa and Grandma have a balloon bouquet delivered every year.  
We had a great time and Jackson loved his party.
Another idea I liked from the internet was to serve dino shaped chicken nuggets.  But, Jackson is not a big fan of meat, so we went with his favorite, cheese pizza for lunch.  You could also freeze mini dino figures in ice cubes-something I did with spiders for Kennedy's 2nd birthday party (yep, she wanted Spider Man!)-but, passed on.  Also, couldn't find dinosaur fruit sancks. Lots of neat ideas out there.

We all had a great time.  The games were fun.  Jordan enjoyed the fossil dig as much, if not more, than the kids!  
I cannot believe my baby boy is 3!  He has been nothing but joy to us and we are so thankful God's plans included him being a part of our family.
I hope these ideas can be helpful for any of you who would like to use them for your dinosaur party!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dinner at the Littles

Dwight worked with Jordan for US Tobacco when we lived in Mooresville. His family had our family over for dinner before their last day at work and our move. Dwight cooked out, the parents visited and the kids played. We had a blast and will miss this sweet family.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kyle & Katy

My brother is engaged!!

While Katy is on semester break from graduate school (HU), she is in Rhode Island with her family.  Kyle surprised her by flying there today.  He asked her parents blessing to marry Katy, took her out for a romantic dinner, then proposed on the beach.
Kyle is my best friend and we've been close all of our lives.  For years, I've prayed and hoped for the right person for him to come along- and she has.
Katy is an amazing person.  She is beautiful inside and out.  She loves God, being a teacher, and she loves my brother to pieces.  She's crazy about my kids, too, and they are over the moon about her.  
Let me just say that it's Kyle's choice as to who he loves, of course-but, in this case, it's who we all love, too.  What a blessing!  
The wedding will be June 26, 2010, in Rhode Island.  My two little girls have been asked to be the flower girls, and my little boy to be the ring bearer.  I will be a bride's maid, and Jordan will be my baby brother's best man.
Kyle and Katy are a perfect match.  I'm so happy that God brought them together, and that Katy will officially be a part of our family.  

Friday, May 22, 2009



This is a post for our cousins, Barry and Paula, who are expecting baby boy #2 in July.  The big- brother- to- be is Brody.  They have asked for boy names that fall in the "natural/outdoorsy/rugged" catergory.  Any suggestions, blog friends???