Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Brave Girl

New pajamas Daddy picked out

Jewelry from Mr. Tom & Mrs. Leigh
A picture with each of us before leaving for surgery
VERY early!

From the Tooth Fairy
From Grandpa and Grandma

Kennedy had oral surgery April 24th.  A baby tooth had fused to the bone, not allowing it to completely break through the gum, therefore not allowing the adult tooth behind it to push through.
I couldn't believe how brave she was.  I knew she was scared and could tell she was nervous, but she never cried.  She remained calm as she left me behind.  Me on the other hand-well, let's just say having your baby put under for surgery isn't the most comforting feeling.  I forced myself not to cry for her sake.
The procedure went quickly and well.  The anesthesia on the other hand, was an experience.  She was hallucinating, confused and had a range of emotions from 8:30-2pm.  Part of it was comical, part of it was hard to watch.
The part I remember most vividly is of Kennedy being scared of me.  She kept saying, "Ah!  You have 4 eyes!"  And would cover her face and cry.  It broke my heart that I couldn't comfort her, because she thought I was a monster, but that would come and go for hours.  
The other hard part for her was that she wanted to get up and walk.  That was not happening.   It was a chore and physically hard to keep her down.  It was so frustrating for her, so Jordan and I actually took turns walking her around to try and satisfy her.  We were all glad when she came out of it.  She ate pizza that afternoon and only took 2 doses that day of pain medication.  She never complained once of pain.  There was some swelling, but overall a very successful experience.  Kennedy's favorite part?  The ice cream dinner party in her honor that night, and her new Wizards of Waverly Place and High School Musical pajamas.  She informed us that morning before her surgery that her Dora pajamas she wore to the surgery was for babies. Even going as far as to cover them with a pillow so no one would see when we got there. 6 is definitely around the corner.  The next morning she found a dollar from the Tooth Fairy.  She got other presents, too.  That afternoon balloons and flowers were delivered from Grandpa and Grandma!  Also, Mr. Tom and Mrs. Leigh mailed her a shell necklace and bracelet from their trip to the beach.
We are so thankful that is behind us.


Whitney said...

I'm glad the surgery went well- you can't even tell in the pictures.... she looks so happy! Maybe it's all the ice cream :)

Collins Family said...

I am so glad she did well and is feeling better!

Sandi said...

Poor little girl -- what an experience!!