Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jack Jack

Today at lunch after eating 4 tablespoons of peanut butter and graham crackers, Chandler Grace ate all of my peas, and most of my pasta and shrimp out of my Lean Cuisine meal.  (No great sacrifice, really.)  This was her first experience with shrimp, and she crammed them in as fast as she could-definitely her mother's daughter!
Jackson asked for a pea and a shrimp, but couldn't bring himself to eat it.
I said, "Let's give Chandler Grace a round of applause for eating so well today and trying shrimp!"
Jackson hung his head down and said, "I didn't like it." 
I quickly said, "Well, that's okay.  You like eating spicy foods and tomatoes, and Baby (yes, he still calls her Baby) doesn't like that.  Let's give Jackson a round of applause for trying and eating spicy foods!" He gave a shy grin, and responded with this:
"Dear God, thank you for Mama giving me a cheer.  Amen."
AWWW!  I am so in love with this little boy.  Sometimes with 3, I don't realize as I comment to one of them that the other 4 ears are also listening for their "cheer."  It was a precious thing to hear and a good reminder for this Mama. 


April said...

How sweet! I love the prayer. I'm glad you're a momma that cheers her children on. What a great reminder for us all!

Whitney said...

So sweet! I love the part of the story where you cheer them on for eating/trying certain foods- I need to work on that!

Love the picture too- there's nothing better than that a mommy & her sweet little boy!

Frugal Mommy said...

Hi. Looking for an email but could not find one.

So I hope this finds you. I am SO happy to tell you that you won! A Blog Make Over!!!! Please send me an email so I know you read this. Congrats!

Sandi said...

That is precious, Kim.