Thursday, July 15, 2010

4th of July

Ultimate Frisbee

Jackson allows Chandler Grace to hold Titan for a few seconds :)

Jackson & Titan

We spent the 4th of July at the Lincoln's swimming, grilling jalepeno and cheese stuffed hot dogs wrapped in bacon, watching the guys play ultimate frisbee, and shooting fireworks. At any point of the evening you could find Jackson holding Titan, Emily's Yorkie. All. evening.
Kennedy loved running around with Matyson and Matalyn. Chandler Grace hung by her Mama and Jackson.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jackson's First Buzz


Daddy giving Jackson his first buzz just like
his daddy gave him his first buzz.

Look at all of that hair!

Definitely his Daddy's son!

Jackson saw his buzz in the mirror for the first time and upon seeing the point his hairline made said, "I like my arrow head!"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kennedy's 7th Birthday Party Luau

This year we had Kennedy's birthday party after returning from RI. It happened to fall on a Tuesday, the 29th, which was exactly 7 years from the day we picked her up from the hospital! Very special.
This year, Kennedy wanted a luau!

Hula Girls: Kennedy, Gracie & Chandler Grace

Jack Jack

The cake-Kennedy's idea made a reality!

The Birthday Girl

Eating cake, ice cream and pineapples with umbrella tooth pics
on beach towels.
This kids enjoyed playing with the hula hoops and beach ball

Kennedy & Luke

Present time

Kennedy broke the pinata!

Luke & Kennedy -true kindergarten love!

The birthday crew

Kennedy's first slumber party! With cousins Matalyn, Gracie and Matyson

They watched Pocahontas and had popcorn in cups-had a great time
and crashed just after midnight ;)

Rhode Island Recap

First stop after arriving in RI was Katy's parent's house. It was like Christmas
with all of the gifts they had for the kids. Aunt Suzy spent a lot of time picking
out the perfect presents for all 3 of you.

Getting dress alterations for the girls

Uncle Kyle & Aunt Katy with 3 of their biggest fans

Wedding Rehearsal at the Hyatt Regency on Goat Island
in Newport

Before Rehearsal, Katy and her bridesmaids had lunch at Pineapple's then
had mani/pedis. Kennedy and CG were very impressed with getting
their nails done and it was their Mama's first pedicure!
The Rehearsal dinner was Italian buffet, Kyle and Katy's favorite, at a cool
place right off of the beach.

Rehearsal Dinner

Katy and her bridesmaids at the Rehearsal dinner

On the big day, all of Katy's bridesmaids had their hair and makeup done
at Frank Antonio. Thank you, Kyle & Katy!!

Beautiful bride and mothers!

My sister!!!!!!!!!
We also gained an Uncle Bill, Aunt Suzy and Uncle Will!
We LOVE the Menihans!!!

Awesome cake!

There was a special Daddy/daughter, Mother/son and brother/sister dance at the reception. Kennedy stole the show on the dance floor with her moves and told me she didn't want to leave-that she could just dance all night! Kyle & Katy had the DJ announce that it was her birthday the next day and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her and they brought out a cupcake with a 7 on it!!! Kennedy had the time of her life at this wedding/weekend. She'll never forget it.

*Just some of the pics I had and copied from others of the wedding. The professional shots-which will be AMAZING will be at Kyle & Katy Wedding Pics when ready!!!

Kennedy's 7th birthday!

*More beach pics later :)

Second Beach

Kennedy's hotel birthday party