Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentine's Day

Kennedy-winner of the first game!

On Sunday afternoon, we went to Papa and Gigi's house to get their Valentine's they had for you. Gigi had decorated your bags by drawing and writing your names on the packages and had it filled with candy and a heart cup. Papa was happy to be with you before he left for work.
After that, we came home and me and Daddy gave you a heart shaped box of candy, a box of Sweethearts and the game Memory. You sat at the table and ate candy and then we all played the game together. It was a great way to spend a rainy Valentine's Day.

Saturday VDay Celebration

Daddy and I celebrated Valentine's Day by going out for sushi appetizers at Fuji for before meeting up with and going with our good friends Danny & Sarah to P.F. Chang's in Little Rock for a late dinner Saturday night. We had a great time eating and visiting!
Grandpa and Grandma kept the 3 of you, and Grandma had a special night planned.
She had the table decorated with a red and white tablecloth and heart plates and cups for Valentine's Day and served you pizza and red kool aid for dinner with heart shape brownies and red jello for desert. She even had goody bags made for you filled with candy. Thankfully, Grandma took lots of pictures of your night.
We got back and stayed out at the farm with you guys since it was around midnight and you were already asleep. Grandma even let us sleep in the next morning and took care of you which was such a treat. We all had a great Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Olympics

2010 Winter Olympics-Vancouver, Canada
Opening Ceremonies

Daddy goes to Dallas

Daddy left this morning and drove with Spencer to Dallas to attend the last praise and worship at Christ For The Nations worship conference, Infuse. It lasted for 3 hours and they were there for the live DVD/CD recording. They decided to drive back tonight and plan to get in around 5 Saturday morning. The 3 of you called and left him a "GOOD NIGHT" voicemail!

Kennedy's Class Valentine's Day Party

*I copied these pictures from Mrs. Ashley's blog!

Wyatt, Carson, Luke, Mia, Vivi, Ashlyn, Kennedy, Raven and Emma

Kennedy, you had your class Valentine's Day party today at school. You wore your heart shirt that Aunt Bobbie mailed you for your special day. You took carrots for the party, Jonas Brothers Valentine's Day cards for your friends, and chocolate covered pretzels with heart sprinkles for Mrs. Ashley. You came home with a lot of candy and cards from your classmates and a heart frame for the refrigerator that Mrs. Ashley made for you with your picture in it. You were so excited to tell me all about your day when I picked you up this afternoon from school.

Valentine's Cards

My 3 little Valentines!
Jackson, you chose 3D dinosaur cards
Kennedy, you chose Jonas Brothers cards
Chandler Grace, you chose puppy and kitten cards

2nd Big Snow

Kennedy, you were sick with a cough/cold and Jackson and Chandler Grace, you both had runny noses, so we missed playing in the big 2nd snow. You were all fascinated with it and spent a lot of time at the window watching the snow fall.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

We went to Jeff & Laura's Super Bowl party. Lots of good food, friends and family. Kennedy, you're favorite part of the night was playing the Wii with the big kids. Jackson and Chandler Grace, you loved playing in Hannah's room with all of the toys and kids. You all stayed up until 9pm which is 1 hour and 30 minutes past your regular bed time.
The Saints beat the Colts 31-17.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Grilling

A little snow on the ground didn't stop us from grilling out steaks tonight!
Kennedy and Jackson you requested steaks for dinner and Daddy brought them home as a surprise. The 3 of you enjoyed helping marinate the steaks and they were delicious!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Proverbs Challenge Complete!

Yesterday wrapped the 31 Proverbs in 31 days challenge for the month of January that I got from my blog friend, Pete. I enjoyed it and am looking for one to do in February!
The thing I enjoyed most about this book was the simple wisdom. Things I've known, but needed to be reminded of.