Friday, February 29, 2008

Green Eggs and Ham

Kennedy's class has a different unit of study each week. This week was about Dr. Seuss! One of our favorites. So, they actually had green eggs and ham for their snack on Thursday. Kennedy thought that was so neat. Jordan went with me and the babies to pick her up, and she came to the car wearing her Dr. Seuss hat she made in class. What neat things she is experiencing at preschool.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Jackson 21 Months Old Today

Already? Another month has gone by? 21 months-I can hardly keep up.
My baby boy is just 3 months away from being 2 years old. He is such a joy to me and his daddy and sisters. He's just too much fun-a ball of energy! Still such a sweetheart. If I cough or say "ouch" he's running up and saying "K, Mom? K?" and patting on and hugging me! He can't give enough kisses and hugs to Chandler Grace and he gets excited anytime he sees Kennedy. And, he and Daddy are buds.
He has started playing games like coming up to me and saying the name of an animal and making the sound and wanting me to do it, too! So cute. He's been saying "There's a monster!" When I say, "Where?" He always answers "Behind you!" I don't know where he's come up with that-maybe Kennedy. And whenever we ask him where anything is he always answers, "Behind you". We get so tickled. He still loves to watch Diego and actually answers some of the questions right! The kids like to watch Noggin and they sometimes do a segment during commercials on shapes. The other night Jordan walked into the room wearing a Superman tee shirt and said "Kennedy, look at my shirt" She was watching TV and didn't hear him, and Jackson says "A myangle!" For triangle-he recognized the upside down triangle! We couldn't believe it. We've noticed lately his "s" sounds are "sh" sounds. It sounds so cute. Here is a little about Jackson at 21 months:
He loves salsa and spicy foods
He can sing the whole song Twinkle, Twinkle, little star
He can count 1-10
He can say some of the ABC's (different clusters-a-g, etc.)
He loves cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, helicopters, and airplanes
He loves animals
Can identify colors: blue, red, green, purple and yellow
He loves to kick a ball
He loves to color
He loves to paint
He loves to jump
He loves to watch The Incredibles movie
Favorite cartoons: Go Diego Go, Blue's Clues, Wonder Pets, Dora the Explorer
His favorite drink: chocolate milk
His favorite food: spaghetti, pizza, and potatoes (or anything with Ranch dressing on it!)
He got his first haircut!
Isn't a big fan of meat-didn't see that one coming!!
He loves to take a bath

Everyday it just seems he is doing something new and exciting. He is just so much fun. Such a blessing. I enjoy him every day.

We got a Wii!

Jordan has mentioned getting a Wii for our family, and we decided we may get one for Christmas. I've never been into video games, but I loved the idea of getting to act out the motions and that it was something the whole family (eventually) could enjoy.
While we were out on Saturday, we decided that we'd use just a small part of Jordan's bonus for something fun, and go ahead and get one.

No, no, no. That's not how it works. You have to be in the right place at the right time, and we weren't. After calling and checking 2 local Wal-Marts, 1 Target, BJ's (like Sam's), and all of the area Game Stops, and coming up empty handed, we realized how hard these are to come by. We were so disappointed.

Sunday, we got ready to head back to Hobby Lobby for a few mats and frames for Chandler Grace's newborn/family pictures, and when we were almost to Huntersville, I remembered they are closed on Sundays! OH NO!! We also had planned afterwards to head in the other direction to Statesville for Jordan to check on dress shoes for work at the Rack Room Shoes Outlet, but I thought of the Target in Huntersville. We almost turned around, but we decided we might as
well give it a try. And, to our great surprise, Jordan came out a hero carrying our new Wii! They had gotten in 45 that morning and when we there around 11:15 there were only 6 left!

Needless to say, all plans for the rest of the day were dropped. We went straight home and played from noon until 7 o'clock, stopping only for lunch and dinner! After dinner, Jordan went to run, and Kennedy played golf for an hour by herself.

Kennedy flipped out about it. But, so did Jordan and I! Boy, Kennedy picked it up quick. She beat me and Jordan in boxing and that made it even more fun for her! Even Jackson got to get in on the boxing action! Chandler Grace was entertained just by watching us! We now know how lucky we were to get one!
It was even more fun than I'd hoped for! We're all in love with Wii!
After baths, and putting the kids down for bed, you guessed it, Jordan and I played from 8:30 until 10:30!
*Oh, I beat the socks off of him in bowling. My second time to bowl, I got 3 turkeys, a double and a whopping 221! Woo hoo!
(I'm guessing a rematch is in my near future!)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fun Saturday!

We got out for the day again this Saturday. The weather was beautiful and we set out around noon and got home around 6pm. The kids were great. They even got their nap as we drove to Concord. We stopped on the way in Huntersville to eat at Qdoba (my favorite). Then, Jordan ran in Dicks for running shoes. Then we were off to Concord. I wanted to take advantage of Hobby Lobby's 50% off frame sale and get a 20X24 frame for Jackson's 1 year portrait (like Kennedy's). Then, since we were right there, we decided to go to Concord Mills-HUGE, nice, outlet mall.
Our first stop was the food court to share ice cream. Then, we went to Old Navy for Jordan to get 38 waist jeans-all of his others are TOO BIG! YEAH JORDAN! While we were there, I grabbed up 5 "St. Patrick's Day" green tee shirts for all of us to wear on my birthday!
Our last stop before leaving was Jordan taking Kennedy and Jackson to ride on the merry-go-round. Chandler Grace and I watched them. They had a ball yelling and waving "Hi Mom!" It was so cute. Then we headed home. These kids are too much fun. What a great day!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Daddy & Kennedy's Jungle Shadow Box

Wednesday night after dinner, Jordan went to take out the trash. When he came in from the garage he was all lit up holding my new running shoes box and said, "I have something I want to make with Kennedy-when is her next show and tell?" I said, "Tomorrow, but it has to be something that goes with the unit, the letter, or the number they are studying." He said, "What's their letter?" I said, "J." He said, "Perfect!"
And he immediately started explaining to Kennedy about and how to make shadow boxes. I don't know who was more excited-seriously. He said, "We can do a jungle!" So, they went to work. Jordan and Kennedy-both-drawing, cutting out, and taping for about an hour. They were so cute and had so much fun together. Kennedy is so blessed to have a daddy that takes such an interest in her and honestly enjoys their time together. As a wife, I am blessed to have a husband that is a daddy like that for my children.
So, they completed their jungle shadow box, and Kennedy took it to school the next day. She said the kids loved it and asked to look at it over and over again! She was so proud of her and her daddy's project. Great job, Daddy and Kennedy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jordan's Tuff Man Fights

Our good friend, Rich, an editor at Winnercomm, edited the Tuff Man DVD and posted Jordan's 3 fights on YouTube. Here is Jordan livin' the dream-here is our Rocky!

Fight #1

Fight #2

Fight #3

Jordan Harr
Tuff Man

Long Weekend

We had a great long weekend. Jordan was off for President's Day, so it was so great to have him home for an extra day!
Friday night we stayed in and played with the kids. Saturday we went to Concord to look at Babies R Us for Chandler Grace's new carseat. Afterwards, we had dinner at the Olive Garden. The kids were great and it was really great to go since we haven't been there since before Chandler Grace was born. Kennedy thought it was cool that she got to pick the dessert! And she did great-Black Tie Mousse Cake-that's my girl! Afterwards, we headed back to Mooresville and went to Target and then Dicks for me to get my new running shoes! I started the gym a few weeks ago, and apparently my feet have grown a 1/2 size since my pregnancies!
Sunday, we went to Chili's for lunch and then shopped at Ross, TJ Maxx, and Michaels. When we got home, Jordan and Kennedy played catch with her new baseball glove Jordan got her at Ross. It is so little and cute-just adorable. They had a cheering audience of me, Jackson, and Chandler Grace!
Monday morning, we let the kids paint on some canvases to hang. We called to tell Gigi goodbye before she left on her cruise to Cozymel, Mexico, with Aunt Bobbie and Nonna. That afternoon, Jordan went to play golf during nap time-I encouraged him to go and start preparing for his 4th annual T2AO golf tournament. When he got home, we all loaded up and went to the gym to discover the kid's room wasn't opened yet. So, we came home and when it was opened, I took Kennedy with me, but since it was dinner time and soon bottle time, Jordan stayed home with the babies and he went after we got home. It was a great weekend. Lots of fun getting out and playing with the whole family!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

We've celebrated Valentine's Day all week! Since Kennedy had school she wore "Valentine" clothes Monday, Tuesday and Thursday! I gave her Barbie Valentine cupcakes on Monday, we baked chocolate chip cookies together on Wednesday, and she had her Valentine's party at school on Thursday. While she was at school I cut out and baked heart shaped sugar cookies and decorated them with pink icing and heart sprinkles and surprised her with them when she got home. She brought home lots of cards and candy which was a big hit!
Thursday night we had our Valentine's Day party. Jordan brought home Chinese food for us and Jackson and 2 corn dogs for Kennedy for dinner. We ate and then we handed out our Valentine cards, candy and presents. My highlight was the Valentine card I got from Kennedy. She had made me a Valentine card with colors and markers and wrote it-by herself! Jordan wrote it out and she copied "Happy V-day I love you Kennedy" WOW-I was totally impressed! She has just learned to write her name not too long ago.
Jordan surprised Jackson with a Diego balloon and Kennedy with a Barbie balloon. We also got them a present. We normally don't give presents for this holiday, but there is something we've wanted to get Kennedy since before Christmas. We rationalized since it was Valentine's Day and that is the day of love, it would be the perfect time to give her a dress-up wedding dress. She loved it and melted our hearts when she wore it. At 4 years old, our daughter says she will marry Corbin Bleu! Jackson got a toy motorcylce and they got new crayons. They also got cards, presents, and money through the week from Papa and Gigi, Grandpa and Grandma, Nonna and Aunt Belle.
Jordan gave me a gift certificate for a massage. I gave Jordan a pair of patchwork shorts and a double frame with the picture from our first date and a picture of us on our 10th anniversary. The kids got Jordan got a bag of beef jerky (Kennedy's idea and she calls is beef turkey-we've told her again and again it's beef jerky, but..)and they got me 3 bags of my favorite mini candy.
We had a great night. I cannot believe Jordan has been my Valentine for 15 years. And now, I have 3 little Valentines-who already have my heart!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Best $6 I ever spent!

I sell and buy most of the kids clothes at one of the local consignment shops. Yesterday, I ran in to check my account, and found a small plastic dollhouse that made sounds (phone, doorbell) with the family and furniture. I immediately thought of Kennedy. Then I thought Jackson would like it, too. When I realized the pieces were large, I figured Chandler could play with it, also.
So, I snatched it up. When we got home they played with it for an hour before their naps and when they got up and played with it off and on for the rest of the day! All 3 of them! And they have played with it all morning today! Kennedy likes to arrange the furniture (definitely my daughter!) and she usually has the mom-who she calls "Kim":), and Jackson usually has the dad making him go up the stairs! When he's not doing that, he's peeking at Kennedy or Chandler through the windows of the house and laughing when he sees them! Chandler usually gets whatever is available and chews on it or pulls up to stand on the house! They are completely adorable playing with it together. So glad I got it!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chandler says Ma Ma Ma Ma

Yep, it's getting it's own post! I've got to give it due recognition! I also put together a slide show of our pictures together as a couple-there are actually not that many when you consider all the pictures taken. I left out repetitve shots (ie: the park!)
I just cannot tell you how it felt to hear it. Third time around, and still thrilling. So special because this was her sound. I can remember just after she was born wandering what she would sound like. She was in her swing getting fussy because she wanted her breakfast. I was in the kitchen getting Kennedy and Jackson ready for their breakfast first, so she could see me from the living room. And then she said it: "Ma Ma Ma Ma" in the middle of a cry. Ahhh. When I heard it for the first time, it just struck a chord in my heart and it felt like it swelled up and was gonna burst! I cannot believe after so many heartbreaking years of longing to hear "Mama", I have been blessed to now hear it from 3 babies. They have made my dream come true by making me a Mama and letting me hear my favorite sound in the world...Mama. I am truly blessed. Thank you, Chandler Grace!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Chandler Grace-8 Months old Today


Happy 8 months, Chandler Grace! Wow-this past month has been the most productive by far! It includes a lot of things like: her getting in crawl position, crawling, and pulling up to stand, crawling up to us and pulling up on our leg for us to hold her, for the first time today pulled up on our stairs, she's eating and gnawing biter biscuits, baby mum-mums, baby food, yo baby yogurt, (oreos!!ha ha) and small pieces of bread for the first time she started clapping, she started jabbering more, Says Da Da Da Da, and today for the first time Ma Ma Ma Ma! She cut her first tooth, had her first illness, had her first experience to swing and slide at the park, plays happily for 15-20 minutes every morning in her crib,she imitates us by sticking her tongue out when we do, she gets frustrated when she wants and sees something, but cannot reach or get, misses us when she can't see us, reaches for us to hold her, plays independently, can identify Daddy, Mama, Kennedy and Jackson, she adores big sister Kennedy and big brother Jackson, plays more with Kennedy and Jackson, she gives kisses, grabs and hugs our face, watches TV, has excellent hand eye coordination, quick reflexes, she has just "sprouted" her first flips and curls, her personality is very gentle, quiet, and she is very dainty and feminine, and at times acts shy. She is a very sweet and very happy and content and is an easy baby to care for and to love. She is very loving. She is Kennedy's "Chanwa", Jackson's "Canger",our beautiful miracle, our beautiful baby girl.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Daddy and Kennedy's Turn

After Chandler Grace arrived, Jordan and I implemented "Just Daddy/Mama & Kennedy time". We have alternated months every month since Septmeber taking just her to do something with us-we have always gone to the movie theatre which is such a big deal to Kennedy-she calls it "The Big Theatre".
This month is Jordan's turn with Kennedy and they had their date yesterday and they did something different-they went bowling!
He said she was hilarious. Doing a little dance before EVERY bowl and then sprinting back to "high five" her Daddy! After bowling they stopped at Petsmart to see all of the animals they had outside from the Humane Society and also went in to look at cats and dogs.
Now that we have 3, we treasure our alone time with Kennedy. It was just her for so long and individual time is very hard to come by with 3 kiddos. When the other 2 are older, we will have to put them in the rotation! Busy, busy, busy!

Kennedy & Mama

October-The Game Plan
Kennedy & Daddy

Kennedy & Mama

December-Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Kennedy & Daddy

January-Veggie Tales: Pirates of the Caribbean
Kennedy & Mama

February-Bowling & Petsmart
Kennedy & Daddy

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jackson's 1st Haircut

Jackson will be 2 in May, so we figured, maybe it's time for a haircut?! We have put it off for this long because we adore his curls. However, we had to admit he's a little shaggy. JUST A TRIM-we had to keep some of the curls! So, we took him to Pigtails and Crewcuts to get his 1st haircut. He did great. This place was geared for kids-firetrucks, cars to sit in while getting a haircut-even a playroom with a TV which worked out great for Daddy, Kennedy and Chandler as we waited. There was a huge window where they could watch Jackson sit in and drive a taxi cab while! he got his haircut. He was very excited and kept yelling "Kennedy" and waving to her through the window. It was a great experience. We kept a lock of his hair-we couldn't believe how big our beautiful boy looked!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Chandler Pulls Up to Stand!

Chandler pulled up to stand for the first time today! The past few days she has been pulling herself up to her knees and crawling up to me, pulling up on my leg for me to hold her, but this morning she went all the way up on the kids Castle Bouncer. And she must like it because she keeps doing it! Way to go, Chandler!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kennedy's Ear and Skin Test

Skin Test
Du-rag from Dr. Wolfe
What a cutie!
Here is the update on Kennedy's ear and the results of Kennedy's skin test.

Since birth, Kennedy has had Eczema. We were told by her pediatrician in Louisville, that some babies outgrow it-we had hoped for that, but she still has it. And she has pretty bad cases at times. The worst to date she just experienced a few weeks ago-an outbreak under her earlobe and behind her ear. It had become swollen and infected. Probably from her scratching it in her sleep. Jordan and I were horrified when we saw it that day. Her earlobe was so red and so big-her ears were asymmetrical because of it-that's how bad it was.

January 18th, Jordan took her to see Dr. Wolfe, and he gave her an atibiotic as well as a new medicine to try Verdeso and he increased her oral dosage of Hydroxyzine. While she was there, he also reccommended a skin test to detect any allergies. So, Jordan took her back on the 22nd to get the patches put on. When they scheduled her back to check her patches, they had come loose, so the test had to be redone. On the 24th, they let me come in and pick up the patches and bandages to protect them and put them on Kennedy at home. He it caused her to miss school, since the patches would easily come off. We know this because we had to repeat the test due to not using strong enough tape the first time! This test required no bath, no school, and returning 2 times for a check up throughout the week. I hated the no school part since she had been out sick 2 of the 3 days the week before, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Jordan took her back on the 28th and 30th to have the patches checked and then finally on the 31st to have it read. Fortunately, there was no allergies. We had actually hoped to learn of something so that we would know what to do to help her Eczema. But, of course, were glad to know she wasn't allergic to anything they checked her for.

Jordan was very impressed with Dr. Wolfe-this may have something to do with the fact that Dr. Wolfe told him that Kennedy was his favorite patient-apparently he doesn't get many kids, and he fell in love with Kennedy (we can't blame him!) He gave her a kid's book about Eczema on one trip, a stuffed elephant on another, a stuffed dog on another, and a du-rag on another! So, needless to say, he was a big hit with her, too!
Her ear is better now and not infected any longer-we hope it's not going to leave a scar. But, the change and increase in medicine and dosage has made a difference in her other affected areas and Kennedy is able to sleep now.

Since December 2006, Kennedy's "Eczema regiment" that has been our evening routine has included using Derma oil (all over) after each bath, then Atopoclair on the infected area which can also be used twice a day with one time being bedtime, and then Hydroxyzine she takes to help her sleep and not itch! This baby has been on medicine for this since she was 2. From August 2005 until December 2006 she used Elidel and Dove soap, and I was told to use All Free and Clear detergent (now there are many choices) when she was under the care of her pediatrician in Jackson. When she was a baby all we would use was Aveeno baby soap and lotion and sometimes Eucerin lotion.

It's odd, because Jackson and Chandler have it, too! Thankfully, theirs is nowhere near the extent of Kennedy's. We did use Aveeno baby soap with Jackson, but now we just use Dove sensitive soap and then Eucerin lotion and that keeps his at bay.

However, Chandler's has worsened this past month. It was worse than Jackson's ever was. Our pediatrician, Dr. Little recommended Cetaphil soap and lotion and then Hydrocortisone cream if needed. This has done the trick!

At night, Kennedy and I always pray for her Eczema to "go away"!!! But, for now, we are thankful to have something that controls it to some extent and helps relieve her pain and itching while she has it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chandler's 1st......OREO??!!

We are teaching Jackson share. He put this into practice today when he shared his Oreo cookie with Chandler! They were sitting by my feet whlie I was at the computer in the toy room and when I glanced down to "check on them" there was my baby with a tiny piece of Oreo cookie in her hand, and the evidence that she already had it in her mouth was all over her face! I grabbed it from her and then grabbed the camera! By the look on her face, she enjoyed it while it lasted!! Oh well, she'll have something to look forward to when she gets the REST of her teeth!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Chandler's 1st Tooth!

Ah teething: the drooling, gnawing, Orajel, Tylenol, Motrin, spitting up, diarhhea, fussiness with pain, interruption of sleep, change in appetite-all this past month leading up to the production of a tooth!
Chandler Grace cut her 1st tooth today! We knew it was coming since we could see it, so we've been checking constantly. And this morning after we got home from taking Kennedy to preschool around 9 o'clock, I checked and sure enough, there it was and you could feel the sharp ridges!! TOO CUTE! I'll have to check my journals to compare the timing with Kennedy and Jack's 1st tooth. She managed to pull this out just under 8 months! Another milestone for our precious baby girl!

David's Anniversary

Our Sweet David
On this day, 5 years ago, David went home to be with Jesus. David was 12 years old. He is our cousin.
In 1994, I got the priviledge-and one I treasure-of keeping Daniel and David on the weekends over the summer when Aunt Vickie worked the weekend option at the hospital. I think of those memories often and I am so thankful I'll always have them. David was also the inspiration for me to major in Nursing at Harding University that fall.
There is no one like David. He was so unique-this kid worked for fun!! He was such a little man! He even talked like a grown up! Which was especially adorable since he was so tiny! He would wear work boots even in the summer with his shorts! He would pick up sticks in his yard until his face was red. He'd use the blower for fun, he'd mow his yard-their yard was the best on the block! His favorite thing was John Deere tractors/mowers (explaining my choice of color!!) He was obsessed with the weather for fear it would rain keeping him from mowing his yard! Once Jordan and I took him and Daniel to the zoo and he couldn't enjoy himself for worrying that it looked like rain and he wouldn't get home in time to mow! His room was decorated in everything John Deere! For fun he'd want to go to the John Deere dealership and just look around. One weekend when I kept them, Jordan was there, and the 4 of us went and spent an hour just looking and taking pictures of them by the tractors. His parents made his dream come true by getting him his own John Deere mower! He also loved to ride his 4 wheeler. It is quite a site to see such a small child grab the key and get on a 4 wheeler and drive all over the place-FEARLESS! The first time I remember him doing that I think he was around 4!! He loved jumping and flipping on his trampoline which he made look effortless. Also, he was such a comedian. He would have the grown ups in stitches at every family event! This little boy left a BIG imprint on all of our hearts. He had the most adorable blonde curls, beautiful blue eyes, and the most amazing eyelashes! And he was just the coolest kid! Although there are many reminders of David, to this day, none of us will ever not smile thinking of him whenever we see a John Deere!
We traveled from Kentucky to Arkansas for David's funeral. Aunt Vickie asked Jordan if he could/would sing at it. Jordan had the honor of writing and singing "David's Song" at his funeral.
All of his life he struggled with heart problems leading to many surgeries and 2 transplants. He was quite a miracle. He was blessed with the perfect dad, mom, and big brother for him. We all miss him terribly and will treasure our memories of him all of our life. His life was too short, but to us, he always gets to be that David-that little boy that captured our hearts. We got to borrow him for 12 precious years and we can't wait to be with him again someday in Heaven.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Our 1st February Weekend!

Jackson Helps With the Bath!
We gave Jackson the measuring cup-and yes, Chandler got a lot of water in her face! But, she didn't seem to mind. They both had fun. He loves his baby sister and is very hands on with her. And, thankfully, at least for now, she is very patient with him!! It was very sweet to watch!

What's New With Kennedy?
Kennedy had her first experience with an IPod this weekend. I'll start by saying Kennedy loves Hannah Montana! Saturday evening, Jordan downloaded some Hannah Montana songs to his IPod for Miss Kennedy. Then he plugged in some earphones and let her listen to the songs. She was BEYOND excited. We were all treated to a 30 minute concert with our baby girl singing to the top of her lungs-and getting some of the words right! It was too cute. She is SO BIG these days!

Jackson's Saturday Surprise!
Jordan and Kennedy came home from Wal Mart with Jackson big boy "Diego" pajamas! He was so excited he screamed "Eigo Go!" (He doesn't say the "D") He loves watching "Go Diego Go"!
He wore his pajamas all Saturday and again today! It was the perfect present!

Chandler Eats a Biter Biscuit!
After lunch I was inspired with the idea to give Chandler a Biter Biscuit when I noticed her picking up "crummies" -as Kennedy calls them- of the kids crackers in the living room floor and putting them in her mouth.
She is in the throws of teething and gums anything in sight. We have a leftover box of Biter Biscuits from Jackson that is still good-one of the benefits of back to back babies, I guess :) - so after reading the box to see if she's "ready" to have one, Jordan and I decided to let her try. She did great. She loved it and I know it had to feel good on those gums! You can see her bottom 2 teeth-that's right 2 teeth- about to cut through the skin. She is following her big brother's footsteps of being an overachiever and cutting 2 at a time!

Jordan and Kennedy "Play Ball"

Jordan and Kennedy went outside Saturday and played catch! It was so cute. Jordan had a glove and his boss' son outgrew a glove and wanted Kennedy to have it. He also gave him some baseballs. So, he taught her how to catch and throw the baseball! She did GREAT! It just melted my heart watching them together. Kennedy loved it and has asked him a million times to "play ball" again! I think we've got a natural athlete on our hands!