Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chandler says Ma Ma Ma Ma

Yep, it's getting it's own post! I've got to give it due recognition! I also put together a slide show of our pictures together as a couple-there are actually not that many when you consider all the pictures taken. I left out repetitve shots (ie: the park!)
I just cannot tell you how it felt to hear it. Third time around, and still thrilling. So special because this was her sound. I can remember just after she was born wandering what she would sound like. She was in her swing getting fussy because she wanted her breakfast. I was in the kitchen getting Kennedy and Jackson ready for their breakfast first, so she could see me from the living room. And then she said it: "Ma Ma Ma Ma" in the middle of a cry. Ahhh. When I heard it for the first time, it just struck a chord in my heart and it felt like it swelled up and was gonna burst! I cannot believe after so many heartbreaking years of longing to hear "Mama", I have been blessed to now hear it from 3 babies. They have made my dream come true by making me a Mama and letting me hear my favorite sound in the world...Mama. I am truly blessed. Thank you, Chandler Grace!

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Collins Family said...

Very sweet! Good Job Chandler!