Monday, February 4, 2008

David's Anniversary

Our Sweet David
On this day, 5 years ago, David went home to be with Jesus. David was 12 years old. He is our cousin.
In 1994, I got the priviledge-and one I treasure-of keeping Daniel and David on the weekends over the summer when Aunt Vickie worked the weekend option at the hospital. I think of those memories often and I am so thankful I'll always have them. David was also the inspiration for me to major in Nursing at Harding University that fall.
There is no one like David. He was so unique-this kid worked for fun!! He was such a little man! He even talked like a grown up! Which was especially adorable since he was so tiny! He would wear work boots even in the summer with his shorts! He would pick up sticks in his yard until his face was red. He'd use the blower for fun, he'd mow his yard-their yard was the best on the block! His favorite thing was John Deere tractors/mowers (explaining my choice of color!!) He was obsessed with the weather for fear it would rain keeping him from mowing his yard! Once Jordan and I took him and Daniel to the zoo and he couldn't enjoy himself for worrying that it looked like rain and he wouldn't get home in time to mow! His room was decorated in everything John Deere! For fun he'd want to go to the John Deere dealership and just look around. One weekend when I kept them, Jordan was there, and the 4 of us went and spent an hour just looking and taking pictures of them by the tractors. His parents made his dream come true by getting him his own John Deere mower! He also loved to ride his 4 wheeler. It is quite a site to see such a small child grab the key and get on a 4 wheeler and drive all over the place-FEARLESS! The first time I remember him doing that I think he was around 4!! He loved jumping and flipping on his trampoline which he made look effortless. Also, he was such a comedian. He would have the grown ups in stitches at every family event! This little boy left a BIG imprint on all of our hearts. He had the most adorable blonde curls, beautiful blue eyes, and the most amazing eyelashes! And he was just the coolest kid! Although there are many reminders of David, to this day, none of us will ever not smile thinking of him whenever we see a John Deere!
We traveled from Kentucky to Arkansas for David's funeral. Aunt Vickie asked Jordan if he could/would sing at it. Jordan had the honor of writing and singing "David's Song" at his funeral.
All of his life he struggled with heart problems leading to many surgeries and 2 transplants. He was quite a miracle. He was blessed with the perfect dad, mom, and big brother for him. We all miss him terribly and will treasure our memories of him all of our life. His life was too short, but to us, he always gets to be that David-that little boy that captured our hearts. We got to borrow him for 12 precious years and we can't wait to be with him again someday in Heaven.

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