Monday, February 11, 2008

Chandler Grace-8 Months old Today


Happy 8 months, Chandler Grace! Wow-this past month has been the most productive by far! It includes a lot of things like: her getting in crawl position, crawling, and pulling up to stand, crawling up to us and pulling up on our leg for us to hold her, for the first time today pulled up on our stairs, she's eating and gnawing biter biscuits, baby mum-mums, baby food, yo baby yogurt, (oreos!!ha ha) and small pieces of bread for the first time she started clapping, she started jabbering more, Says Da Da Da Da, and today for the first time Ma Ma Ma Ma! She cut her first tooth, had her first illness, had her first experience to swing and slide at the park, plays happily for 15-20 minutes every morning in her crib,she imitates us by sticking her tongue out when we do, she gets frustrated when she wants and sees something, but cannot reach or get, misses us when she can't see us, reaches for us to hold her, plays independently, can identify Daddy, Mama, Kennedy and Jackson, she adores big sister Kennedy and big brother Jackson, plays more with Kennedy and Jackson, she gives kisses, grabs and hugs our face, watches TV, has excellent hand eye coordination, quick reflexes, she has just "sprouted" her first flips and curls, her personality is very gentle, quiet, and she is very dainty and feminine, and at times acts shy. She is a very sweet and very happy and content and is an easy baby to care for and to love. She is very loving. She is Kennedy's "Chanwa", Jackson's "Canger",our beautiful miracle, our beautiful baby girl.

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Mom of 3 boys said...

Sorry to just drop in on your blog, but I was just searching the blogs and found have a beautiful family, I really enjoyed reading your blogs. You are truly blessed.