Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Long Weekend

We had a great long weekend. Jordan was off for President's Day, so it was so great to have him home for an extra day!
Friday night we stayed in and played with the kids. Saturday we went to Concord to look at Babies R Us for Chandler Grace's new carseat. Afterwards, we had dinner at the Olive Garden. The kids were great and it was really great to go since we haven't been there since before Chandler Grace was born. Kennedy thought it was cool that she got to pick the dessert! And she did great-Black Tie Mousse Cake-that's my girl! Afterwards, we headed back to Mooresville and went to Target and then Dicks for me to get my new running shoes! I started the gym a few weeks ago, and apparently my feet have grown a 1/2 size since my pregnancies!
Sunday, we went to Chili's for lunch and then shopped at Ross, TJ Maxx, and Michaels. When we got home, Jordan and Kennedy played catch with her new baseball glove Jordan got her at Ross. It is so little and cute-just adorable. They had a cheering audience of me, Jackson, and Chandler Grace!
Monday morning, we let the kids paint on some canvases to hang. We called to tell Gigi goodbye before she left on her cruise to Cozymel, Mexico, with Aunt Bobbie and Nonna. That afternoon, Jordan went to play golf during nap time-I encouraged him to go and start preparing for his 4th annual T2AO golf tournament. When he got home, we all loaded up and went to the gym to discover the kid's room wasn't opened yet. So, we came home and when it was opened, I took Kennedy with me, but since it was dinner time and soon bottle time, Jordan stayed home with the babies and he went after we got home. It was a great weekend. Lots of fun getting out and playing with the whole family!

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kgibbins said...

Kennedy! Awesome form bud! You look good throwin that ball. I love your glove too! I had one that looked a lot like it for my first glove. I miss you! We'll play catch when I see you next.