Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chandler's 1st......OREO??!!

We are teaching Jackson share. He put this into practice today when he shared his Oreo cookie with Chandler! They were sitting by my feet whlie I was at the computer in the toy room and when I glanced down to "check on them" there was my baby with a tiny piece of Oreo cookie in her hand, and the evidence that she already had it in her mouth was all over her face! I grabbed it from her and then grabbed the camera! By the look on her face, she enjoyed it while it lasted!! Oh well, she'll have something to look forward to when she gets the REST of her teeth!


kgibbins said...

In the picture where chandler is smiling like crazy giving the "chocolate high" aka the the "look I found a quarter" face, I am curious to know if Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf" was blasting in the background...? Please get back to me on this matter.

kgibbins said...
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kgibbins said...

Chandler's 1st.......OREO??!! (soap opera organ plays loudly) LOLOL!!