Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

We've celebrated Valentine's Day all week! Since Kennedy had school she wore "Valentine" clothes Monday, Tuesday and Thursday! I gave her Barbie Valentine cupcakes on Monday, we baked chocolate chip cookies together on Wednesday, and she had her Valentine's party at school on Thursday. While she was at school I cut out and baked heart shaped sugar cookies and decorated them with pink icing and heart sprinkles and surprised her with them when she got home. She brought home lots of cards and candy which was a big hit!
Thursday night we had our Valentine's Day party. Jordan brought home Chinese food for us and Jackson and 2 corn dogs for Kennedy for dinner. We ate and then we handed out our Valentine cards, candy and presents. My highlight was the Valentine card I got from Kennedy. She had made me a Valentine card with colors and markers and wrote it-by herself! Jordan wrote it out and she copied "Happy V-day I love you Kennedy" WOW-I was totally impressed! She has just learned to write her name not too long ago.
Jordan surprised Jackson with a Diego balloon and Kennedy with a Barbie balloon. We also got them a present. We normally don't give presents for this holiday, but there is something we've wanted to get Kennedy since before Christmas. We rationalized since it was Valentine's Day and that is the day of love, it would be the perfect time to give her a dress-up wedding dress. She loved it and melted our hearts when she wore it. At 4 years old, our daughter says she will marry Corbin Bleu! Jackson got a toy motorcylce and they got new crayons. They also got cards, presents, and money through the week from Papa and Gigi, Grandpa and Grandma, Nonna and Aunt Belle.
Jordan gave me a gift certificate for a massage. I gave Jordan a pair of patchwork shorts and a double frame with the picture from our first date and a picture of us on our 10th anniversary. The kids got Jordan got a bag of beef jerky (Kennedy's idea and she calls is beef turkey-we've told her again and again it's beef jerky, but..)and they got me 3 bags of my favorite mini candy.
We had a great night. I cannot believe Jordan has been my Valentine for 15 years. And now, I have 3 little Valentines-who already have my heart!

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