Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jackson's 1st Haircut

Jackson will be 2 in May, so we figured, maybe it's time for a haircut?! We have put it off for this long because we adore his curls. However, we had to admit he's a little shaggy. JUST A TRIM-we had to keep some of the curls! So, we took him to Pigtails and Crewcuts to get his 1st haircut. He did great. This place was geared for kids-firetrucks, cars to sit in while getting a haircut-even a playroom with a TV which worked out great for Daddy, Kennedy and Chandler as we waited. There was a huge window where they could watch Jackson sit in and drive a taxi cab while! he got his haircut. He was very excited and kept yelling "Kennedy" and waving to her through the window. It was a great experience. We kept a lock of his hair-we couldn't believe how big our beautiful boy looked!


kgibbins said...

Hey Buddy! Awesome haircut! I'm proud of you!

Collins Family said...

Way to go Jackson!