Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kennedy's Ear and Skin Test

Skin Test
Du-rag from Dr. Wolfe
What a cutie!
Here is the update on Kennedy's ear and the results of Kennedy's skin test.

Since birth, Kennedy has had Eczema. We were told by her pediatrician in Louisville, that some babies outgrow it-we had hoped for that, but she still has it. And she has pretty bad cases at times. The worst to date she just experienced a few weeks ago-an outbreak under her earlobe and behind her ear. It had become swollen and infected. Probably from her scratching it in her sleep. Jordan and I were horrified when we saw it that day. Her earlobe was so red and so big-her ears were asymmetrical because of it-that's how bad it was.

January 18th, Jordan took her to see Dr. Wolfe, and he gave her an atibiotic as well as a new medicine to try Verdeso and he increased her oral dosage of Hydroxyzine. While she was there, he also reccommended a skin test to detect any allergies. So, Jordan took her back on the 22nd to get the patches put on. When they scheduled her back to check her patches, they had come loose, so the test had to be redone. On the 24th, they let me come in and pick up the patches and bandages to protect them and put them on Kennedy at home. He it caused her to miss school, since the patches would easily come off. We know this because we had to repeat the test due to not using strong enough tape the first time! This test required no bath, no school, and returning 2 times for a check up throughout the week. I hated the no school part since she had been out sick 2 of the 3 days the week before, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Jordan took her back on the 28th and 30th to have the patches checked and then finally on the 31st to have it read. Fortunately, there was no allergies. We had actually hoped to learn of something so that we would know what to do to help her Eczema. But, of course, were glad to know she wasn't allergic to anything they checked her for.

Jordan was very impressed with Dr. Wolfe-this may have something to do with the fact that Dr. Wolfe told him that Kennedy was his favorite patient-apparently he doesn't get many kids, and he fell in love with Kennedy (we can't blame him!) He gave her a kid's book about Eczema on one trip, a stuffed elephant on another, a stuffed dog on another, and a du-rag on another! So, needless to say, he was a big hit with her, too!
Her ear is better now and not infected any longer-we hope it's not going to leave a scar. But, the change and increase in medicine and dosage has made a difference in her other affected areas and Kennedy is able to sleep now.

Since December 2006, Kennedy's "Eczema regiment" that has been our evening routine has included using Derma oil (all over) after each bath, then Atopoclair on the infected area which can also be used twice a day with one time being bedtime, and then Hydroxyzine she takes to help her sleep and not itch! This baby has been on medicine for this since she was 2. From August 2005 until December 2006 she used Elidel and Dove soap, and I was told to use All Free and Clear detergent (now there are many choices) when she was under the care of her pediatrician in Jackson. When she was a baby all we would use was Aveeno baby soap and lotion and sometimes Eucerin lotion.

It's odd, because Jackson and Chandler have it, too! Thankfully, theirs is nowhere near the extent of Kennedy's. We did use Aveeno baby soap with Jackson, but now we just use Dove sensitive soap and then Eucerin lotion and that keeps his at bay.

However, Chandler's has worsened this past month. It was worse than Jackson's ever was. Our pediatrician, Dr. Little recommended Cetaphil soap and lotion and then Hydrocortisone cream if needed. This has done the trick!

At night, Kennedy and I always pray for her Eczema to "go away"!!! But, for now, we are thankful to have something that controls it to some extent and helps relieve her pain and itching while she has it.


kgibbins said...

Kennedy! How adorable are you you big stinker! You look super cool in that du-rag! I wish I had one but lo...i do not. If I do have one somewhere I begot...

kgibbins said...

Kennedy, I am so sorry about your eczema sweetheart. I am very proud of you bein so tough though. You and your little bro & sister make me a very proud uncle every day. I think about you guys so much. Me and Katy talk about you often. We really miss you & everybody. You keep being a tough girl and keep prayin that it'll go away and I will start praying about it too. deal...? I love you. Tell Jack & Chandler I love them too-theeen give your mom a big hug for me and then go give your dad a super-duper Hi-Five!

kgibbins said...

Ohhhhh Yeahhhh Kennedy....I begot again. Do you know a wicked awesome, cool, beautiful, princess, police-woman, supa-guhw, best bud, hillarious, smart, popular, sweet little pal of mine that would be my Valentine this year? I really need one baaad...If you know of someone, who fits that discription, that wants to be my Valentine, PLEASE CALL ME & LET ME KNOW!!!!

kgibbins said...

I am chosing you over Katy because you probably don't even expect a gift or this should work out great for me. For no gift you shall recieve. (Maybe don't read this one to her.)