Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Rock Zoo

Okay, no more pictures for Chandler Grace!

We took advantage of the cool weather and headed to the Little Rock Zoo on Wednesday.  This was a second time for Kennedy, but a first for Jackson and Chandler Grace.  A first for all 3 as Arkansans.  Kennedy's line every time an animal wasn't out?  "No action here!"  And, what impressed Jackson?  He shrilled "Oh!  I've never seen a rhinoceros before!" At some point during the stroll through the zoo, Chandler Grace scrunched up her nose and said, "Smell?  Monkeys poo poo", which of course made us all laugh.  With Jordan, it's like having your own personal tour guide!  He knows a lot about animals and LOVES the zoo.  The highlights for the kids were the train and feeding the lorikeets.  It was a great day.  And, how I love that the kids get to go to the zoo, once a year is enough for me!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today my brother moves to Fayetteville.  Jordan is helping him move into his apartment and he will start a new job on Monday.  The draw to Fayetteville?  His beautiful, precious fiance.  In August, Katy will be moving to her apartment and starting her new teaching job after graduating with her masters in reading from Harding University.
So, once again-and too quickly, we will say goodbye to 2 of our most favorite people in all of the world.  We are so thankful God brought us back here to spend this last month with them. Dinners, Wii, visiting, movies and bedtime prayers with the kids have been a constant since we moved back from North Carolina.  We will miss them terribly, but are thankful they will only be 4 hours away as opposed to 14!  So, we will all visit whenever we can.  
We wish you guys all the best with your new careers and new town.  We love you!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catch Up

Just a little catch up post:

We spent the 4th at Uncle Michael and Aunt Shelley's this year.  Even though it rained, we still managed to have a great time.  After eating and swimming, we shot fire works.  It was quite a show!  My kids favorite part was the sparklers.  Kennedy continued doing them throughout the main show.  Jackson just held his ears, while Chandler Grace ate Rice Krispy treats.
Kennedy got her hands on Chandler Grace!  Now, all she wants to do is play dress up!

We had Kyle and Katy over to eat and play Wii.  Here are a few pics-one of Kyle singing with the girls on Disney's Sing It.  (He was a good sport to sing The Cheetah Girls!)  And, then Katy bowling with the girls.  Notice Kennedy made one wardrobe change that evening.
Katy, my brother's fiance, has been working with Kennedy and reading for one of her classes at HU.  She picks Kennedy up, and works with her for an hour and a half, then brings her home. Kennedy LOVES this.  She will say, "I can't believe I'm 6 and I'm going to college!"  This is for 2 weeks.  It is so special that she and Katy have this time together.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jackson goes to the Movies

Jordan took Jackson for his first theater trip to see Ice Age 3.  Of course, he did go when he was a newborn and we took Kennedy to see CARS.  Twenty minutes into the movie, Kennedy dropped her full, unopened bottle of water onto his head.  He screamed and cried, and we left.  Of course, it was a packed theater and we were sitting on the very top row.  In the middle.  So, not counting that.....
Jordan reported that he let Jackson pick out candy, they each got a coke, and shared popcorn.  He said that when they walked into the theater, he looked up at the screen and said, "Oh, My Goodness!"  He was seriously impressed.  He said Jack was so cute because his feet didn't even reach the end of the seat.  He said that Jackson would laugh out loud at the parts he thought were funny.  He had a great time.  So did Jackson.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tea Party

Kennedy requested a pink and purple tea party for her 6th birthday.  After choosing a Spider Man theme for one of her past birthdays, I was pleasantly surprised!

We had the tea party for Kennedy and 4 of her cousins, Jordan, Gracie, Matasyn and Matalyn at her Grandma's house.  We made an impromptu decision to have the party within 24 hours 2 days before her actual birthday, so that her cousin, Jordan, that was here visiting, could attend. With the help of my mother- in- law and the Dollar Tree, we pulled it off. 

The girls were served (by me in Grandma's apron-which made Kennedy VERY happy), small, heart shaped peanut butter and jelly and jam sandwiches, chocolate dipped strawberries, and strawberry tea cakes (mini cupcakes) with icing and sprinkles.  They were served from Grandma's tea set and had peach tea in Grandma's real tea cups, on Grandma's lace tablecloth.  We used doilies for place mats and place cards for each girl.  I had help during the party from Amy and Adrienne my precious sisters in law. Grandma kept the boy cousins Parker, Garrett, Johnny, Jace along with Jackson and Chandler Grace, outside busy with a picnic.

The girls party favors were rings, bracelets, Sleeping Beauty chap stick, purple hats and purple boas.  

A bonus for the party?  Kacie bringing Matasyn and Matalyn's princess dress up clothes for all of the girls to wear!  

The girls acted so grown up while having their tea party and after it was over, Jordan told her mom that "It made her feel fancy."  Mission accomplished!

Happy Birthday, Kennedy!  The six years we've been blessed with you are priceless treasures for me and your Daddy.  You light up our family and we all love you with all of our hearts.