Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tea Party

Kennedy requested a pink and purple tea party for her 6th birthday.  After choosing a Spider Man theme for one of her past birthdays, I was pleasantly surprised!

We had the tea party for Kennedy and 4 of her cousins, Jordan, Gracie, Matasyn and Matalyn at her Grandma's house.  We made an impromptu decision to have the party within 24 hours 2 days before her actual birthday, so that her cousin, Jordan, that was here visiting, could attend. With the help of my mother- in- law and the Dollar Tree, we pulled it off. 

The girls were served (by me in Grandma's apron-which made Kennedy VERY happy), small, heart shaped peanut butter and jelly and jam sandwiches, chocolate dipped strawberries, and strawberry tea cakes (mini cupcakes) with icing and sprinkles.  They were served from Grandma's tea set and had peach tea in Grandma's real tea cups, on Grandma's lace tablecloth.  We used doilies for place mats and place cards for each girl.  I had help during the party from Amy and Adrienne my precious sisters in law. Grandma kept the boy cousins Parker, Garrett, Johnny, Jace along with Jackson and Chandler Grace, outside busy with a picnic.

The girls party favors were rings, bracelets, Sleeping Beauty chap stick, purple hats and purple boas.  

A bonus for the party?  Kacie bringing Matasyn and Matalyn's princess dress up clothes for all of the girls to wear!  

The girls acted so grown up while having their tea party and after it was over, Jordan told her mom that "It made her feel fancy."  Mission accomplished!

Happy Birthday, Kennedy!  The six years we've been blessed with you are priceless treasures for me and your Daddy.  You light up our family and we all love you with all of our hearts.


Whitney said...

What a fun party- you did a great job (especially on short notice!) I'm glad Kennedy had a wonderful time at her party!

happymomof2 said...

Oh how sweet- it looks and sounds like everyone had a great time! What wonderful ideas, and to pull it together so quickly- wow!
Happy Birthday Kennedy:)

April said...

Wow! You really did a GREAT job decorating! Very neat and very fancy. I'm sure they all did have a wonderful could they not at such a neat party?!

One other thing that amazes me, too...your walls are already decorated and you just moved recently?!?! What in the world?! It took me a year, and even now I'm not really done. HA. Looks great. Glad you're settling in so quickly.

April said...

Okay, to know you really don't have everything all decorated yet makes me feel way better. ;) It really did take us a LONG time. I thought you had finished in speedy time. Thanks for enlightening me that the tea party was at your mom's. He, he. :)

April said...

HA. You actually mentioned that it was at your mom's house in the post. Sorry I missed that the first time I read it. :)

maryann said...

Happy Birthday, Kennedy! I know this was such a precious event for you, too.. to be home with family is such a gift!