Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catch Up

Just a little catch up post:

We spent the 4th at Uncle Michael and Aunt Shelley's this year.  Even though it rained, we still managed to have a great time.  After eating and swimming, we shot fire works.  It was quite a show!  My kids favorite part was the sparklers.  Kennedy continued doing them throughout the main show.  Jackson just held his ears, while Chandler Grace ate Rice Krispy treats.
Kennedy got her hands on Chandler Grace!  Now, all she wants to do is play dress up!

We had Kyle and Katy over to eat and play Wii.  Here are a few pics-one of Kyle singing with the girls on Disney's Sing It.  (He was a good sport to sing The Cheetah Girls!)  And, then Katy bowling with the girls.  Notice Kennedy made one wardrobe change that evening.
Katy, my brother's fiance, has been working with Kennedy and reading for one of her classes at HU.  She picks Kennedy up, and works with her for an hour and a half, then brings her home. Kennedy LOVES this.  She will say, "I can't believe I'm 6 and I'm going to college!"  This is for 2 weeks.  It is so special that she and Katy have this time together.

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Whitney said...

Glad yall had a fun 4th at the farm :) My favorite part of your post was Kennedy's comment at the end about being 6 and going to college! So grown up, and super cute!