Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today my brother moves to Fayetteville.  Jordan is helping him move into his apartment and he will start a new job on Monday.  The draw to Fayetteville?  His beautiful, precious fiance.  In August, Katy will be moving to her apartment and starting her new teaching job after graduating with her masters in reading from Harding University.
So, once again-and too quickly, we will say goodbye to 2 of our most favorite people in all of the world.  We are so thankful God brought us back here to spend this last month with them. Dinners, Wii, visiting, movies and bedtime prayers with the kids have been a constant since we moved back from North Carolina.  We will miss them terribly, but are thankful they will only be 4 hours away as opposed to 14!  So, we will all visit whenever we can.  
We wish you guys all the best with your new careers and new town.  We love you!


April said...

It looks like you have had some fun times with them. I'm so sorry they are moving, but I am thankful you will still be closer than the 14 hr drive! I'm glad you got some great pictures of all the times together.

Collins Family said...

est of luck to the new couple and yes it helps being closer!!!

Mommy Elizabeth said...

They will L-O-V-E Fayetteville.... :)