Monday, July 13, 2009

Jackson goes to the Movies

Jordan took Jackson for his first theater trip to see Ice Age 3.  Of course, he did go when he was a newborn and we took Kennedy to see CARS.  Twenty minutes into the movie, Kennedy dropped her full, unopened bottle of water onto his head.  He screamed and cried, and we left.  Of course, it was a packed theater and we were sitting on the very top row.  In the middle.  So, not counting that.....
Jordan reported that he let Jackson pick out candy, they each got a coke, and shared popcorn.  He said that when they walked into the theater, he looked up at the screen and said, "Oh, My Goodness!"  He was seriously impressed.  He said Jack was so cute because his feet didn't even reach the end of the seat.  He said that Jackson would laugh out loud at the parts he thought were funny.  He had a great time.  So did Jackson.


Marty Rhea Hill said...

That sweet boy, Jackson, could not get any cuter. Everytime I see his photo's, he gets cuter and cuter. And his hair......precious!!!!

So glad the move was a good one and you are settled in AR. Hope you are having fun!

Whitney said...

He's such a cutie- I love his hair! Glad the boys had a good time at the movies- what a special memory!