Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bye, bye, Paci!

So long, sucka!  Chandler Grace said goodbye to her "pee-sa", (or cried and had to do without it when her Mama forgot to bring it to Grandpa and Grandma's) on Thursday, June 25th!  This is a major accomplishment since Miss CG LOVES LOVES LOVES the paci.  Obsessed is even fair to say.  She cried herself to sleep for it at nap time, and then no more.  She asked about it a few times throughout the next 2 days, but was not anywhere in the vicinity of how bad I thought it would be.  
Kennedy was 1 year and 8 months when we lost hers, so I went to buy a replacement. They were out of the silicone, so I bought the rubber.  She put it in her mouth, sucked a few times, pulled it out, put it down and said, "No."  and that was it.  Jackson never took one after 3 months.  His little tongue would just kick it out.  
So, my accidentally leaving it ended up being a blessing in disguise.  No more paci-WOO HOO! Oh, happy day!


Emily said...

Woo hoo!!!!! I'm glad you made it to Arkansas. Keep me posted on Jordan's job!

April said...

Wow! I'm glad it was so easy for you all. Major milestone. Kinda bittersweet, isn't it?!

David said...