Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Winds of Change

Hello from Searcy, Arkansas!  Just a quick update for my blog friends. 

First, we are moved into our rent house.  Not completely settled, but every thing's in the house, anyway!  It is 6 houses down from the house I lived in when I was Kennedy's age.   In fact, she will attend the same elementary school that Jordan and I did when she starts 1st grade this fall!  The best thing about this house?  There is no clay mud in the backyard.  The kids practically live out there.  We are 1 mile from my parents house and just 15 minutes from Jordan's parents house.  It has been such a blessing for all of us to spend time with them.  It was also a blessing when our AC unit went out!!  Thankfully, a new unit was installed on Monday.  Arkansas humidity and no air conditioner-not a good combination. 

Second, on the drive to Arkansas, Jordan got the news of his new job!  Best drive to Arkansas ever!  He is in medical sales for NoMad Medical and Arkansas is his territory.  He has a National Sales meeting in Vegas in July and goes for training in Indiana early August.  It is so nice the kids and I will have family nearby.  Once we see where Jordan will spend most of his time, we'll know where we will settle permanently.

Third, we got to celebrate Father's Day with Jordan, then my dad, and then Jordan's step dad this year!!  A first in 8 years!

Fourth, Kennedy and Jackson (well, Jack for 1 night only) attended VBS for the very first time. It was at the church where Jordan and I went for the 4 years we dated.  Very special returning to bring our kids to VBS there.

Fifth, Jordan went to his 5th annual T2AO golf tournament this past weekend.  The best part of this was not having to drive 14 hours back to NC.  This time we were already home.

And last, but most certainly not least, our Kennedy turned six on the 27th.  Hopefully, I will do a post with pictures of her birthday party soon.  

I will be so happy to have everything unpacked and put in it's place and then can resume my blogging!


Mommy Elizabeth said...

Yippee, you blogged!!! Praying for peace and happiness with all of your new adventures, God bless.

Amanda said...

Pig Sooie! So glad you guys are back "home"! I know you and your family couldn't be happier. Maybe now we might actually get to see one another. Please feel free to bring your kids to my parents pool anytime. They would be delighted for you to enjoy it!!! And happy birthday Kennedy!

April said...

Thanks for the update! I'm so glad to know that you are all finding your niche in Searcy. Sounds like all is falling into place nicely. A definite answer to prayers. Keep the updates coming!

Whitney said...

I'm so glad you're back into the world of blogging! Congratulations to Jordan on this job- praise the Lord for answered prayers! I'm glad you guys are getting settled and enjoying being back around your families!

Summer said...

I truly believe that God has placed your family right where He wants you. What a blessing to be "home" and near your family.
I look forward to seeing pics of Kennedy's birthday!

maryann said...

Wow, Kim! I am way behind. Back in Searcy!!! Isn't it amazing to see how God provides. I am so thankful you are "HOME!" What a blessing for you all!