Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chandler Grace Feeds Herself!

I can do it myself, Mama!
Looks like a pro!
The pout I got when I tried to help
See, it's just better when I do it!
Big bite
There goes my baby...
Alright, I think we're done here

Chandler Grace declared independence from her mother on Friday, October 24th, at lunch. At least from being fed. I got a text message and got up to grab my cell phone. When I returned, CG had grabbed the applesauce cup and spork (all of the spoons were in the dishwasher) and began feeding herself!

Now, she is 16 months old, so should be totally capable of this task. So, why has she just now started feeding herself? I guess her mother, not having a new baby to tend to, has just kept happily shoveling food into her mouth! It hasn't even hit me to "let her" do it or that she needed to do it herself.

So, baby girl took matters into her own hands. And I have to say, did a fabulous job considering it was applesauce. With a spork.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Sweetest Things

The Harr Trio
*So I've come back and added to this like 3 times now!
*Her prayer last night-
"Dear God, ........I love you and I want to learn more about you. And, I want to visit you-and I will visit you soon..."
*All of Kennedy's prayers are beautiful and so sincere. I would say every night she says something so heart felt and precious that cause Jordan and I to whip our heads up to look at each other in unison, and in fact, most nights, her prayers bring tears to my eyes. What a heart and love for God this child has. I pray she always will.
*"Mom, Rock Obama got President," she declares, not realizing it was just the results for the Nickelodeon kids choice,"and he's brown like me!"
(That isn't the only president whose name she says incorrectly-she has also said George Clooney for George Bush when asked who our president was, and says Amberkins Winkins for Abraham Lincoln.)
*This is what Ihear the other day from Kennedy-"Ongoor! You are no match for my conciousness!" She was pretend sword fighing with a piece of cardboard she tore off of the diaper box!
*Mom, Mrs. Settlemyre has a husband. You know what his name is? Mr. Settlemyre.
*Says she wants to be a supermodel and a spy. But she also will say she wants to work at Chuck E. Cheese, so...
*She loves school and homework, comes in everyday starving, and likes to watch Spongebob Squarepants or Scooby Doo.
*Doing great in school-can write her own name, identify and write letters and count to 100!
*Still very dramatic and loves to sing, make up songs, color, paint and just recently, play charades
*Such an encourager-always tells everyone "good job" for any and everything! And says, "Have a great day!" when Jordan leaves for work or to anyone when saying goodbye on the phone.
*Anytime he gets hurt, he will announce pitifully, "I hurt myself!" or if someone hurts him, he'll say, "You hurt myself!"
*Will say "hmm, let me fink!" and "I don't fink so!"
*Doesn't eat meat-occasionally will eat a hot dog-but that's it.
*He calls Lightening McQueen, his favorite these days, "My Queen."
*When I get on to Jackson and say "Don't ____" he will say, defensively with a scrunched up face, "It not true!" Even if it is true or if that is an invalid response! It's so funny, I usually laugh and then he does, too. Which is usually a get out of trouble free card!
*Even though we aren't in Arkansas, the roots come through. When he's asked what my name is, he'll say "Kayum." Elephant is "elo-phay-ant" and pig is "pee-ugg"-our little southern boy!
*All day long he asks to watch Blue's Clues, take a bath and eat pizza.
*It is not uncommon to see Jackson sitting or walking around with a handful of his cars or animals-I think this has become a habit in an effort to "keep them" from his sisters!
*He loves the razorbacks-gets that from his daddy!
*It is also not uncommon to hear him counting out his toys in Spanish-thank you Dora and Diego!
*Just started not wanting to take naps and wants to "go downstairs" at bedtime.
Chandler Grace-
*This little girl has pemanent bed head and it cracks us up! That big curl/cowlick on the top of her head is to blame!
*Still doesn't talk AT ALL except for the occasional Mama or Da (for daddy), but lately when asked she'll repeat "bye", "pizza", and "Papa", "Dora", "more", and will make the kissy sound when she blows kisses. I guess her older sister and brother do the talking for her, because she is in NO hurry to talk for herself!
*Although she doesn't talk, she is an excellent frowner, and shares this with everyone we come into contact with! In fact, when we were in Arkansas, she spent most of her time frowning at the grandparents. When we go to Wal Mart, people will come up and I hear, "Oh, she's not happy!" or "Look at that frown!" Lovely. It's just her thing these days. I remember this with Jackson, but his was a much shorter phase than hers has been!
*One unique thing about Chandler Grace: she just rather be naked. She always takes her clothes and diaper off. It is not uncommon many times a day to see her running naked through the room or hear Jackson yell, "Baby has her diaper off!" or Baby took her clothes off!" Then, she runs from you-laughing, when she sees you are coming to get her to put them back on! What a turkey! We've gotten to the point of always putting a onesie or overalls to help keep the diaper on, but she's gifted and can get out of anything. Her daddy is very concerned!
*A daredevil-didn't see that one coming! And independent-to a fault.
*Constantly getting past the barracade and going upstairs, climbing onto anything and getting into everything. The most challenging of the 3 in this respect so far.
*Blue's Clues is this little's girl favorite and only thing to watch-just like her brother. She's even started imitating the movements that Steve or Joe do!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Chanlder Grace's 1st Haircut

(more catching up)
I have to confess that I took Kennedy and Jackson to a salon to get their first haircuts. But in an effort to save the $15 and make sure some curls were left (which didn't happen with Jackson despite my requests), I gave Chandler Grace her first haircut October 13th. Ah, the joys of being #3!
She did great and I consider it a success with no blood or obvious hair butchering. It was very special to me that I gave her her first haircut! I saved a curl, just like I have with her sister and brother, and put a pink ribbon clip on it for her baby box.


I got a little scissor happy, and decided to give Jackson a much needed trim. I saved $30, so I'm happy. Not as happy as my husband was!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kennedy's Soccer Trophy

More Catching Up...

Kennedy got her 1st soccer trophy after completing her first soccer season through the YMCA. Kennedy was on Coach Anderson's Silver team. We loved Soccer Saturdays and watching our baby girl run up and down the field and even score once!

Just one more thing about you that has brought all of us joy. We are so proud of you, Kennedy! And love you so very much.
Daddy, Mama, Jack Jack & Chandler Grace

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Kennedy's first pulled tooth!
What a big girl!
Wanted to hold it all night!

So excited for her "whole dolluh"

Putting her tooth under her pillow

Awaiting a visit from the Tooth Fairy

Kennedy is toothless! She lost her first tooth on Monday night! AND-I had the honor of being the one who pulled it out!

Kennedy, Jordan and I wiggled this tooth all weekend. It was hanging on by a thread! She was very scared about pulling it. I was afraid that it would come out at school and we would never see it again. I gave a wiggle and yanked that sucker out! I may have actually yelled, "I did it!" and then turned the deserved attention back to my 5 year old.
After I pulled it out, she realized it and cried hysterically! I guess it just felt weird or the idea scared her. Anyway, after a few minutes, she calmed down.
Maybe the dress up beads I bribed her with before I pulled the tooth out helped? Don't judge me-I was desperate. Do you know how hard it is to pull a tooth when someone is having a melt down? Wait, where was I...
She put the tooth under her pillow and when she woke in the morning she lifted the pillow, saw the money and screamed "There really is a Tooth Fairy!" It was so sweet.
All we had that night was a $5 bill, but we switched it with a $1 bill the next day, since she doesn't know the difference. Until she's older and reads this.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Great Indoors

Hard at work!

3 of my favorite people in the world

Pizza party

Kennedy made it through the beginning of the 2nd movie...

which is more than can be said of her little brother!

*I'm behind on some posts, so here's just one of many I'm behind on!

When I flew to Arkansas with Chandler Grace, Jordan made big plans to camp in with Kennedy and Jackson. They were so excited about it, Kennedy actually kept saying "When are you gonna leave, Mom?" Which was a relief for me worrying how she'd do when I left. Let's just say she kind of fell to pieces when I was in the hospital having the babies. Those have been the only times I've ever been away from her. So, hooray for Jordan!
He moved all of the furniture back in the living room and set up the tent. He let them "help" put it up. That night they ordered pizza and ate and watched movies from the tent. What a sweet daddy! No wonder they are so crazy about him. And, he even took pictures for his blogging wife. So, it's also no wonder why I am so crazy about him, too!
They had a great time camping with Daddy! I was kind of sad I missed the adventure. Maybe we'll have to pull that tent out again soon.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

The Harr Pumpkin Patch 2007

The Harr Pumpkin Patch 2008

Their little pumpkin


That one may be too big, CG!

Posing with a scarecrow

Miss Kennedy (Who told me "No more pictures, Mom" after this one!)

Mama's boy

Chandler Grace's first time on a pony

The perfect pumpkin

That's more your size!

Jackson's final pick!
This is the first Halloween in 3 years we haven't added to our pumpkin patch!
We took the kids to Patterson Farms pumpkin patch on Sunday. This is where we went last year, also. The kids had a great time picking out their pumpkins and riding the ponies! Well, Chandler Grace indulged me for a picture on one, but that was all.
We will probably go back for the hay ride and this time, I may actually comb Jackson and Chandler Grace's hair!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Tadpole Farm

Jordan, Kennedy & Jackson checking it out!

Final result!

Kennedy's frog, Penny
This is a catch-up post.
This summer we raised frogs! In June we found tadpoles in our kiddie pool. So, Jordan was more than excited to keep them and watch them grow into frogs! (Jordan-a serious animal lover.) Kennedy and Jack Jack's favorite thing to do every night after dinner would be to go out with him to check on them and see any changes in their growth. It really was a neat experience.
In August we had frogs! At least we found some that hadn't hopped away! Kennedy named one of the frogs Penny. The problem was she put Penny in the bug cage to play and forgot to take her out. Poor Penny was dead and covered in ants the next day. Kennedy was mortified and insisted we have a funeral for her. So, we did. (I should have took pictures of that-probably would have if I hadn't had to console a grief stricken little girl!) So here's pics of happier times! Rest in peace, Penny.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kennedy's Big Ride

Surely not this little girl...

I was in the kitchen when I heard the school bus coming down the road. It makes one stop just down the road from our driveway where Kennedy gets off, so I was expecting her to come through the door anytime. Oh-why am I inside, you ask? Because I've been banned from waiting outside.
Well, I start to wonder where she is, and go open the door to look outside. No bus in sight. Then, I see the top of the bus over the rooftops across the neighborhood. (Keep in mind at this point in time I am smack dab in the middle of The Shack.) I start to imagine the worst. Did she even get on the bus at school? Did she get off at a friends stop? Could someone have snatched her before she walked into the house? In panic mode, I yelled "KENNEDY" as loud as I could. I guess I was hoping that if she got off at another bus stop with a buddy, she would hear me and come home.
Just before I threw my babies in the car to go searching for her, I see the bus make a turn back toward our house instead of exiting the neighborhood. It was driving pretty fast and made an abrupt stop. I guess my blank, pale, scared stare brought an immediate "I am so sorry" from the bus driver. She looked horrified, too. "She was so quiet and crouched down, so I didn't hear or see her, thought she wasn't here, so I didn't stop-I am so sorry."
Kennedy hops off of the bus and I grab and hug her, relieved she's okay. When I asked her why she didn't get off of the bus, and didn't she know they passed her stop-she simply answered, "Yeah. I knew she would bring me back after she took all of the other kids home."
I guess she just wanted to ride a little longer. The poor bus driver has just been schooled Kennedy style, she won't make this mistake again! I imagine her yelling "KENNEDY!" everyday from now on when she comes upon our house!
Oh, Kennedy, must your life always be a roller coaster adventure? I guess the answer to that is, yes. (Seriously, how am I not gray headed?)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blog Award

Okay, I'm not sure why anyone other than my kids (someday), and their grandmas would want to read this blog considering I post very random and fantastical everyday things of their precious little lives, but I was nominated for a Blog Award by Danna. So, thank you, Dana!

In return, I'm supposed to nominate 4 blogs for a blog award.

1) Danna, . Danna's blog is one of my favorites. Very funny- my kind of humor-and usually makes me laugh out loud or gets the agreeing nod. Very witty, smart and always gives a laugh as she writes about life with her 3 beautiful little girls. I sincerely regret not being friends while at Harding University together, but am so thankful to be blog friends!

2) Dallas, . One of my favorites that I had an instant connection with, Dallas is a talented writer and uses humor with her dealings of everyday life and her 2 beautiful little girls. It's been fun to tag along on her traveling adventures as I sit in North Carolina. Very interactive blog and has drawn me in to want to do a little more of the same. Alaways a fun read. And again, another missed opporitunity for me at Harding University!

3) Summer, . Summer is a mom to 3 beautiful girls. The story of her Macy will make you see God's hand and you just fall in love with this miracle little girl. The Dale's spend a lot of quality time with their crew and Summer writes it in a way that is always fun to read about. Once again, although I knew her at Harding, would've enjoyed being friends after reading her 100 things about me and seeing how much we have in common. Check out her Little Women blog.

4) Shannon, . Shannon is a mom to 3. She has a beautiful girl and boy with her in Florida, and a precious daughter in Heaven. Shannon has just posted she is now carrying baby #4! How beautiful to see God's faithfulness. This family's story is extraordinary and you just gotta check it out! I went to Harding Academy with Shannon, and if you know her, you know that she is one funny chick!

Now, you guys get to nominate 4 of your favorites-have fun!

Okay, I would give a blog award to every blog on my list, because they are all very special to me. I so enjoy the connection of having you for blog friends and find your blogs to be very encouraging and entertaining-I'm thankful for you all!