Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kennedy's Big Ride

Surely not this little girl...

I was in the kitchen when I heard the school bus coming down the road. It makes one stop just down the road from our driveway where Kennedy gets off, so I was expecting her to come through the door anytime. Oh-why am I inside, you ask? Because I've been banned from waiting outside.
Well, I start to wonder where she is, and go open the door to look outside. No bus in sight. Then, I see the top of the bus over the rooftops across the neighborhood. (Keep in mind at this point in time I am smack dab in the middle of The Shack.) I start to imagine the worst. Did she even get on the bus at school? Did she get off at a friends stop? Could someone have snatched her before she walked into the house? In panic mode, I yelled "KENNEDY" as loud as I could. I guess I was hoping that if she got off at another bus stop with a buddy, she would hear me and come home.
Just before I threw my babies in the car to go searching for her, I see the bus make a turn back toward our house instead of exiting the neighborhood. It was driving pretty fast and made an abrupt stop. I guess my blank, pale, scared stare brought an immediate "I am so sorry" from the bus driver. She looked horrified, too. "She was so quiet and crouched down, so I didn't hear or see her, thought she wasn't here, so I didn't stop-I am so sorry."
Kennedy hops off of the bus and I grab and hug her, relieved she's okay. When I asked her why she didn't get off of the bus, and didn't she know they passed her stop-she simply answered, "Yeah. I knew she would bring me back after she took all of the other kids home."
I guess she just wanted to ride a little longer. The poor bus driver has just been schooled Kennedy style, she won't make this mistake again! I imagine her yelling "KENNEDY!" everyday from now on when she comes upon our house!
Oh, Kennedy, must your life always be a roller coaster adventure? I guess the answer to that is, yes. (Seriously, how am I not gray headed?)


Whitney said...

That would have terrified me! I'm glad the bus driver realized it as quickly as she did!

Katy Menihan said...

Kim - you called it. When you here home a couple weeks ago you said "I mean, shes the kind of kid who would just not get off the bus because she wants to ride it longer!"
Ohhh Kennedy, we love you!!

Collins Family said...

That girl she sounds like a character. Life can never be dull with her around huh!

Summer said...

Oh my goodness, I would have been panic-stricken, too. I am so glad she got home safely!!!