Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Sweetest Things

The Harr Trio
*So I've come back and added to this like 3 times now!
*Her prayer last night-
"Dear God, ........I love you and I want to learn more about you. And, I want to visit you-and I will visit you soon..."
*All of Kennedy's prayers are beautiful and so sincere. I would say every night she says something so heart felt and precious that cause Jordan and I to whip our heads up to look at each other in unison, and in fact, most nights, her prayers bring tears to my eyes. What a heart and love for God this child has. I pray she always will.
*"Mom, Rock Obama got President," she declares, not realizing it was just the results for the Nickelodeon kids choice,"and he's brown like me!"
(That isn't the only president whose name she says incorrectly-she has also said George Clooney for George Bush when asked who our president was, and says Amberkins Winkins for Abraham Lincoln.)
*This is what Ihear the other day from Kennedy-"Ongoor! You are no match for my conciousness!" She was pretend sword fighing with a piece of cardboard she tore off of the diaper box!
*Mom, Mrs. Settlemyre has a husband. You know what his name is? Mr. Settlemyre.
*Says she wants to be a supermodel and a spy. But she also will say she wants to work at Chuck E. Cheese, so...
*She loves school and homework, comes in everyday starving, and likes to watch Spongebob Squarepants or Scooby Doo.
*Doing great in school-can write her own name, identify and write letters and count to 100!
*Still very dramatic and loves to sing, make up songs, color, paint and just recently, play charades
*Such an encourager-always tells everyone "good job" for any and everything! And says, "Have a great day!" when Jordan leaves for work or to anyone when saying goodbye on the phone.
*Anytime he gets hurt, he will announce pitifully, "I hurt myself!" or if someone hurts him, he'll say, "You hurt myself!"
*Will say "hmm, let me fink!" and "I don't fink so!"
*Doesn't eat meat-occasionally will eat a hot dog-but that's it.
*He calls Lightening McQueen, his favorite these days, "My Queen."
*When I get on to Jackson and say "Don't ____" he will say, defensively with a scrunched up face, "It not true!" Even if it is true or if that is an invalid response! It's so funny, I usually laugh and then he does, too. Which is usually a get out of trouble free card!
*Even though we aren't in Arkansas, the roots come through. When he's asked what my name is, he'll say "Kayum." Elephant is "elo-phay-ant" and pig is "pee-ugg"-our little southern boy!
*All day long he asks to watch Blue's Clues, take a bath and eat pizza.
*It is not uncommon to see Jackson sitting or walking around with a handful of his cars or animals-I think this has become a habit in an effort to "keep them" from his sisters!
*He loves the razorbacks-gets that from his daddy!
*It is also not uncommon to hear him counting out his toys in Spanish-thank you Dora and Diego!
*Just started not wanting to take naps and wants to "go downstairs" at bedtime.
Chandler Grace-
*This little girl has pemanent bed head and it cracks us up! That big curl/cowlick on the top of her head is to blame!
*Still doesn't talk AT ALL except for the occasional Mama or Da (for daddy), but lately when asked she'll repeat "bye", "pizza", and "Papa", "Dora", "more", and will make the kissy sound when she blows kisses. I guess her older sister and brother do the talking for her, because she is in NO hurry to talk for herself!
*Although she doesn't talk, she is an excellent frowner, and shares this with everyone we come into contact with! In fact, when we were in Arkansas, she spent most of her time frowning at the grandparents. When we go to Wal Mart, people will come up and I hear, "Oh, she's not happy!" or "Look at that frown!" Lovely. It's just her thing these days. I remember this with Jackson, but his was a much shorter phase than hers has been!
*One unique thing about Chandler Grace: she just rather be naked. She always takes her clothes and diaper off. It is not uncommon many times a day to see her running naked through the room or hear Jackson yell, "Baby has her diaper off!" or Baby took her clothes off!" Then, she runs from you-laughing, when she sees you are coming to get her to put them back on! What a turkey! We've gotten to the point of always putting a onesie or overalls to help keep the diaper on, but she's gifted and can get out of anything. Her daddy is very concerned!
*A daredevil-didn't see that one coming! And independent-to a fault.
*Constantly getting past the barracade and going upstairs, climbing onto anything and getting into everything. The most challenging of the 3 in this respect so far.
*Blue's Clues is this little's girl favorite and only thing to watch-just like her brother. She's even started imitating the movements that Steve or Joe do!


April said...

What a precious picture. I just want to reach through the picture and hug them! :)

Summer said...

All three of your children are just precious. I love each little thing they said, and I it is so great that you have written them down to remember them! I also love the picture of your blog heading.
As for the that spunky Chandler Grace, her and Emerson sound like two peas in a pod. We have started running a long piece of masking tape around Emerson's diapers at nap and night time because otherwise she can maneuver them off in ANY type of outfit. Crazy third kids!!!

Jennifer Floyd said...

What precious children and precious things about each of them! I can tell they bring you so much joy!!