Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Tadpole Farm

Jordan, Kennedy & Jackson checking it out!

Final result!

Kennedy's frog, Penny
This is a catch-up post.
This summer we raised frogs! In June we found tadpoles in our kiddie pool. So, Jordan was more than excited to keep them and watch them grow into frogs! (Jordan-a serious animal lover.) Kennedy and Jack Jack's favorite thing to do every night after dinner would be to go out with him to check on them and see any changes in their growth. It really was a neat experience.
In August we had frogs! At least we found some that hadn't hopped away! Kennedy named one of the frogs Penny. The problem was she put Penny in the bug cage to play and forgot to take her out. Poor Penny was dead and covered in ants the next day. Kennedy was mortified and insisted we have a funeral for her. So, we did. (I should have took pictures of that-probably would have if I hadn't had to console a grief stricken little girl!) So here's pics of happier times! Rest in peace, Penny.


Summer said...

Those pictures look like they should be in a magazine. They are great! What a fun project!!!

Collins Family said...

So sorry about Penny but what an experience with the circle of life huh. Sounds like it was much fun watching them grow!!!! Summer fun at its finest!!!!

Whitney said...

I love that last picture! Like summer said- it really should be in a magazine!