Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Kennedy's first pulled tooth!
What a big girl!
Wanted to hold it all night!

So excited for her "whole dolluh"

Putting her tooth under her pillow

Awaiting a visit from the Tooth Fairy

Kennedy is toothless! She lost her first tooth on Monday night! AND-I had the honor of being the one who pulled it out!

Kennedy, Jordan and I wiggled this tooth all weekend. It was hanging on by a thread! She was very scared about pulling it. I was afraid that it would come out at school and we would never see it again. I gave a wiggle and yanked that sucker out! I may have actually yelled, "I did it!" and then turned the deserved attention back to my 5 year old.
After I pulled it out, she realized it and cried hysterically! I guess it just felt weird or the idea scared her. Anyway, after a few minutes, she calmed down.
Maybe the dress up beads I bribed her with before I pulled the tooth out helped? Don't judge me-I was desperate. Do you know how hard it is to pull a tooth when someone is having a melt down? Wait, where was I...
She put the tooth under her pillow and when she woke in the morning she lifted the pillow, saw the money and screamed "There really is a Tooth Fairy!" It was so sweet.
All we had that night was a $5 bill, but we switched it with a $1 bill the next day, since she doesn't know the difference. Until she's older and reads this.


La Familia Garcia said...

That is too funny! The beads..and the 5$ and all! We've had our share of tooth-fairy mess-ups! You might like this one

Shannon said...

What sweet pictures. I love the one where she's looking down at the tooth in her hand! Congrats on reaching another milestone. :)

Dallas said...

Way to go mom, good job pulling the tooth. I pulled a million while I taught kindergarten. It's a nice skill to have!

Summer said...

Yeah Kennedy!

Pep said...

I love your progression of pictures! :-)

Pep said...

Check out my post from tonight! :-)

Whitney said...

So cute! I love the fact that you gave her a $5 and then switched it the next day- HILARIOUS!