Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blog Award

Okay, I'm not sure why anyone other than my kids (someday), and their grandmas would want to read this blog considering I post very random and fantastical everyday things of their precious little lives, but I was nominated for a Blog Award by Danna. So, thank you, Dana!

In return, I'm supposed to nominate 4 blogs for a blog award.

1) Danna, . Danna's blog is one of my favorites. Very funny- my kind of humor-and usually makes me laugh out loud or gets the agreeing nod. Very witty, smart and always gives a laugh as she writes about life with her 3 beautiful little girls. I sincerely regret not being friends while at Harding University together, but am so thankful to be blog friends!

2) Dallas, . One of my favorites that I had an instant connection with, Dallas is a talented writer and uses humor with her dealings of everyday life and her 2 beautiful little girls. It's been fun to tag along on her traveling adventures as I sit in North Carolina. Very interactive blog and has drawn me in to want to do a little more of the same. Alaways a fun read. And again, another missed opporitunity for me at Harding University!

3) Summer, . Summer is a mom to 3 beautiful girls. The story of her Macy will make you see God's hand and you just fall in love with this miracle little girl. The Dale's spend a lot of quality time with their crew and Summer writes it in a way that is always fun to read about. Once again, although I knew her at Harding, would've enjoyed being friends after reading her 100 things about me and seeing how much we have in common. Check out her Little Women blog.

4) Shannon, . Shannon is a mom to 3. She has a beautiful girl and boy with her in Florida, and a precious daughter in Heaven. Shannon has just posted she is now carrying baby #4! How beautiful to see God's faithfulness. This family's story is extraordinary and you just gotta check it out! I went to Harding Academy with Shannon, and if you know her, you know that she is one funny chick!

Now, you guys get to nominate 4 of your favorites-have fun!

Okay, I would give a blog award to every blog on my list, because they are all very special to me. I so enjoy the connection of having you for blog friends and find your blogs to be very encouraging and entertaining-I'm thankful for you all!

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Summer said...

I am honored to have the blog award! I always love reading your blog and seeing your great pictures!