Monday, October 20, 2008

The Great Indoors

Hard at work!

3 of my favorite people in the world

Pizza party

Kennedy made it through the beginning of the 2nd movie...

which is more than can be said of her little brother!

*I'm behind on some posts, so here's just one of many I'm behind on!

When I flew to Arkansas with Chandler Grace, Jordan made big plans to camp in with Kennedy and Jackson. They were so excited about it, Kennedy actually kept saying "When are you gonna leave, Mom?" Which was a relief for me worrying how she'd do when I left. Let's just say she kind of fell to pieces when I was in the hospital having the babies. Those have been the only times I've ever been away from her. So, hooray for Jordan!
He moved all of the furniture back in the living room and set up the tent. He let them "help" put it up. That night they ordered pizza and ate and watched movies from the tent. What a sweet daddy! No wonder they are so crazy about him. And, he even took pictures for his blogging wife. So, it's also no wonder why I am so crazy about him, too!
They had a great time camping with Daddy! I was kind of sad I missed the adventure. Maybe we'll have to pull that tent out again soon.


April said...

Very cool! I hope you had a great trip, too. Sounds like those at home had a blast!! :)

Collins Family said...

What a good daddy! why did you fly to Arkansas, just to visit? Looks like they had a big time with daddy!

Dallas said...

What a great and fun daddy!

Danna Ramsey said...

Ooooh, we are so going to do that.

Whitney said...

Isn't it funny how kids love camping inside? I always think it's too cute! I'm glad that time with Daddy went well!